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In my two and a half years at University, I’ve found various different places to study. Although I’ve not been very imaginative lately (tending to base myself as close to the hot water tap in the second floor silent section as possible) I thought I’d share some of my favourite study spots from over the years.

Library Computers

Though perhaps not the most luxurious of places, when you set up office at one of the desktops in the library you are certain to get the work done. Without the bookmarked distractions of your own laptop, you can focus on whatever assignment you need to get done. If pushed for time on an essay, I will typically leave everything but notes at home, plug in the music, and have all my focus on that word document. Though not entirely innovative, it gets the job done, and it’s always nice to have the café and books on hand.

Top of the Tower Café

If a good view is essential to your concentration, the Tower Café is the place for you. Located on the 10th floor of the Tower Building, the café sports teas, coffees, soft drinks, baking, soup, hot meals and – my personal favourite – chip rolls. There are both sofas and tables with sockets and all with stunning views over the Tay and Fife to the West, or across the city to the East. The only downside is focussing on your work with that view!


Though usually associated with nights out, pub quizzes, or society meetings, Liar can also be the ideal place to study if you’re looking for somewhere with chill-out factor. The booths make the ideal place for group study, or if you want the view without having to scale the Tower Building, a position by the window will give you a view right down to Fife, as well as being a good spot for people watching. You won’t go hungry, as Liar has a full bar, tea, coffee, cookies, and pizza.


For a place free of distraction, maybe a quick spot of cramming between classes, try the Dalhousie building. Not only are you allowed to use classrooms not in use, but there are several sofas and chairs positioned throughout the building ideal for a fast pit-stop. Being almost at the opposite end of campus from the library, these spaces in Dalhousie are ideal for those not-quite-long-enough hour gaps between lectures.


Fresh air is good for the brain, so if it’s a nice, summer day, why not study outside? The courtyard is just off Small’s Wynd, at the back of the Frankland Building, and plays host to several benches for some afternoon reading or maybe just a break from study. In summer, the courtyard bursts with life, especially near the willow tree in the back corner which makes for a shady space to relax.

Tartan Café

You might be looking to get off campus for a bit, so why not try a café? The Tartan Café on the Perth Road is a friendly, independently run café with affordable food and drink, and an extremely aesthetically pleasing interior. You can perch at one of the tables at the window, or gravitate to the sofas at the back. If the Tartan Café isn’t to your taste, there are several other independently owned coffee shops in the city to give a go, such as PICT Coffee, The Parrot Café, and The Butterfly Café to name a few, and they’re certainly quieter than Starbucks.

(photo from Google Maps)


Of course, if you’re one of the few that isn’t easily distracted, there’s always the good old bed – comfortable, warm, and you don’t need to go outside.

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Hello! I'm a 20 year old English and Creative Writing student from Dundee - most likely to be found in a coffee shop.

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