Things to show friends and family from home in Dundee

I recently had some family members visit from home, and really enjoyed showing them around Dundee. If you ever have family or friends visit, here are some places I would recommend showing them!

If you like walks and lovely views of the city and country, I couldn’t recommend anything more than a nice walk up to the Law! From campus, it takes about half an hour to reach the top, and, although it’s quite a steep walk at times, the views are totally worth it! Top tip: you can impress with some knowledge of the area if you go up yourself beforehand and read the information, then regurgitate it for your awestruck friends and family.

If you have younger family members visit, or just like to go ice skating, I recommend Dundee Ice Arena, just half an hour’s bus journey away from the city centre. As well as this, while you’re there you should visit the Cineworld Cinema right next door! Both are perfect for a family day out, and there’s a McDonald’s and KFC nearby too to refuel!

Everyone loves shopping, right? The Overgate shopping centre is only a ten minute walk from campus, and, situated right in the city centre, is perfect for either a quick stop whilst showing your friends and family around the city or a full day of shopping, including more shops outside in the city and the Wellgate shopping centre a little further away.

When it comes to going out for an evening meal, you have plenty of choice, it all depends on what you prefer. I went to Tony Macaroni’s with my family and I would highly recommend it if you like Italian food! There are also plenty of pubs to get pub grub and other restaurants including Chinese and Indian, a quick walk through the city centre will show you plenty of options.

Hopefully you and your friends or family enjoy whatever you get up to in Dundee!

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Hey, I'm Kiah: a footballer, drummer and an avid film fan. I'm from County Durham, England, now in my fourth and final year of my History degree at Dundee!

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