My tips to de-stress: Take 2

  • 5 December 2017, 07:24

SO this time last year, I was tasked to write down some destressing tips, but feedback was my tips were a bit too cliché and many pointed out most of them were just regurgitated tips given by many other before me. So this time I am gonna approach this from a more personal point of view, here’s hoping these tips will help more people!


TIP 1: Accept that you are stressed out

As much as these may sound a bit weird, hear me out! People get stressed because they do not have an outlet to vent their anger or frustrations. They feel to cooped up in their own world and are pressured to do the best in their upcoming exams. NOTHING wrong in that! Its natural to feel stressed and the first step in any pathway to recovery is ACCEPTANCE. By accepting you are stressed and by telling yourself, that you will be fine and nothing bad will happen, it will greatly improve your mental health. Mainly because when you tell yourself ‘ALL is WELL’ you ensure your stressful self that everything is actually fine – only you will understand yourself!


TIP 2: Entertain yourself

Now that you have accepted you are stressed, it’s time to find a solution to this issue at hand. Given that stress is due to lack of outlet, the first thing you need to do is find an outlet. This may vary person to person; my favourite way to de-stress myself is by entertaining myself! This might feel weird, but read on. I find squeezing time to laugh, hangout, or just talk to someone goes a long way. I find that going to the common room in my flat and see my flatmates make the lamest of jokes and making a fool out of them is the most therapeutic thing ever! Don’t have funny flatmates like that? Don’t worry – watch some shows! ( Disclaimer: Watch shows responsibly, do not waste too much time on them) there are many great comedy shows out there – “rick and morty” is a classic, classic sitcoms like “the office”, “friends” are always the best cure for a long tiring day! Not a TV person? Music is the right avenue for you! Like I said in the previous post – play your favourite song and sing along to it or if no one is watching dance!



Warm home cooked meals are always the best thing in any situation. They make everything great instantly! For my international friends who don’t have the opportunity to eat home cooked food, don’t worry; hopefully my following experience will help you. A group of us from Singapore are good friends and recently we got together to cook a good Singaporean dinner to cure our home sickness. We each made one dish and ended the dinner with my attempt at an Ondeh Ondeh! (it was not that bad, probs would not try it again though). I will post some pics but some pics from other sources, the food we didn’t take much pictures that day since we rather eat and talk them to spoil the moment Instagram-ing it. It was a well spent evening in my opinion – good food and good company, what else could I have asked for?


TIP 4: Ask for help!

I have said this before and will do again. ASK FOR HELP! You are not in this alone! The university has so many ask help channels, it is ridiculous not to approach them when in need. If you like me, still in denial you need such service then don’t worry – approach your friend! Given some of them can be annoying, most of them are great people! Ask them your doubts, approach the smart student in the class and get them to teach you some stuff, it is all in the way you ask! Here are some links you use to get help in the university


TIP 5: Start early

This may one to remember for the next time. Sometimes, starting your revision late might cause some to freak out as the exam date nears (Guilty!) so for people like us – start early. For the year 2 and above, I am sure this is not something I need to remind you all. But for the freshers who are reading, this I recommend planning for your revision at least a month before. Plan for yourself on how you want to approach the revision time. Some like to do it topic wise while some like to do it according to the learning outcomes of their courses / modules. Do what fits you the best. Neither is wrong. But planning is key.



I know exams can be the most stressful time on your university life; but they are the most critical time during your time in the University of Dundee. But with some easy steps and planning, I am sure anyone can conquer this period of time and make sure this too becomes an unforgettable time during your time in university. Till my next post, #udou.

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Hey Guys! I am Navin and I am from Singapore! I loved every minute of last year, and I hope I will the next 4! Join me to read about my adventures and journeys this year ,hopefully, as I travel!

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