End of the Semester

This semester has probably been one of the most difficult – and fun – university semesters of my life.  The amount of work, I was not  expecting, but I got through it! For the most part! I still have three exams left, after the first I took today (bones of the face and neck, woo!), two spot tests left, and then an online exam. I have never wanted a period of school to be done so badly.

I lie.

I want every semester to be over with by the time the end is near – the end means things are due, and the end means I get to see how well I scheduled my time. Usually not particularly well, but I have to say for this semester, I did pretty okay. I handed in two written papers the day before they were due in for marking, and 75% of my coursework was handed in the following day before noon. I had a whole day and a half to study for exams that make up 50% of my grade for the semester. Go me.

I think, after my coursework was all said and done, I was definitely more stressed about my physical projects than the ones I have to be tested on. My degree is half art-based, and lemme tell you (if you didn’t already know) creating something out of nothing is hard, and creating something good out of nothing is harder. By a lot. Especially when your classmates are all phenomenal scientists and artists in their own right, and you’re (me) sitting there with impostor syndrome flooding your system. It was a constant mantra of you’re here for a reason, get your shit together all semester. But I did okay! I think! I’ll get back to you when the grades come back in the new year. Who knows anymore.

Speaking of the new year, the day I finish exams I’ll be taking off for Brussels! A little jaunt as a treat for not being a complete mess for three months, it’ll only be a few days, but a lot of life can be lived in a few hours.  I’m going to be in Dundee for holiday as going home is far too expensive, so it’s the little things (and £40) that make it memorable in different ways.  If I could, I’d be with family, but as it is I have my postgrad family to spend it with (one of them is staying behind due to similar situation, so it’ll be awesome) and interesting memories to look back on one day when I’m with my family and remembering exactly why I’d prefer being elsewhere.

Life is complicated.

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A 26 year old pain in the ass, making my way through Scotland and mountains of notes.

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