Living in Student Accomodation

I moved to Dundee from Canada- the exact specifics can be debated.  The “where are you from” question is crazy to me, especially if you’ve lived transiently in the past.  So, as is expected from wherever you come from, even if it’s just in town, the next town over, or another country altogether – you want to know what your living space is going to look like. How big is it?  How many people will I be living with? Is a jail cell bigger?

I lived on campus in the states for some of my undergrad. Jail cells are bigger.

I had all these questions (and many ~moooooooore~) when I was preparing to move out here, and now that I’ve been here for a grand whole Three Months, I think I have a pretty good handle on my living space, at least.  I live in the Heathfield flats with all other postgrad students, five other girls – when you fill out your application you can specify if you want a flat of all the same sex or not, I opted for the evil I knew best.  Worked out so far. My flatmates are the best. I got lucky.

View of the Law from my room

The rooms themselves are bigger (and way nicer) than I had originally thought, and I was pleasantly surprised when I moved in that not only did I have breathing space, I even have a decent view of the Law. (big ol’ hill with a monument at the top, do recommend).

Most importantly–

I have my own bathroom.

It’s like THE ONE THING I don’t want to share, and look! I don’t have to! Neither do you if this is your choice of living space – plus the water is always boiling (if you enjoy the feel of lava on your skin (which I do)) if you want it to be, or glacier water if you like to be sad.

There’s tons of storage space in both the dresser and the closet, and you could even store your crap under the bed, there’s so much room. I stuck my suitcases under there, all easy-peasy, and any boxes that come in from that awesome amazon prime membership you get.

I made my bed just for this picture. Feel honoured.

Now, if you value your sleep like I do *cough*insomniac*cough* you’re gonna want to buy a mattress pad, and not a primark one. Does primark even sell mattress pads? Lemme know. I thought I’d be ok, thought I could last the year without one, I’d get used to sleeping on the mattress equivalent of a bouncy ROCK.

Nope. Get a mattress pad.

Looking at my door.

The desk is wide and allows for as much mess as possible whilst studying, and there’s a gigantic board you can stick your notes to. Or other stuff, if you’re me. All in all, I’m inordinately pleased with my living space, and my expectations were above made.  I have control of the heat in my room, I can open my windows and let the winter air in and make it feel like home.


Living on campus has it’s perks, and these are some of them.


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A 26 year old pain in the ass, making my way through Scotland and mountains of notes.

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