My Dundee Bucket List

  • 10 December 2017, 12:42

It is almost the end of the first semester, what a semester it has been! But its also that time of the year we have remind ourselves what we have to do for the next year and come up with our new year’s resolution. It is also the time to come up with some goals that you want to achieve the new year. Here are some of my bucket list items for Dundee, hopfully I get the time net year to get them done! Share on the comments below what are your bucket list items for Dundee. Till my next post, #udou and Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!


  • Taste haggis

This well known dish is made up of so many different meats, I am still not sure what it’s up of but it’s a definite must try while in Scotland


  • Walk across Tay bridge

The Tay bridge connects Dundee to fife, it cuts across the river Tay and the view you see is just breathtaking, but don’t forget your coat, might get chilly


  • Cycle to brought ferry and visit Jessie’s kitchen

Brought ferry is a hidden secret of Dundee and the part of the city you will wanna raise your family in, and Jessie’s kitchen is just…..well those who have went there know why you should go back there. It’s to die for!


  • Helicopter Burger after union

Something I have yet to do but definitely a fond memory you and your friends might share for time to come.


  • Morning run up Dundee law for sunrise

For the athlete types amongst us, running up the hill and being rewarded with the opportunity of the seeing the most beautiful sunrise will easily be the best moment you can share with your loved one.


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Hey Guys! I am Navin and I am from Singapore! I loved every minute of last year, and I hope I will the next 4! Join me to read about my adventures and journeys this year ,hopefully, as I travel!

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