Semester One: That’s a wrap!

When I was told third year would be the year that everything was pushed up a gear, I didn’t entirely believe it. I knew that now, more than any time before, things started to count, but I didn’t really feel the heat at first; my classes and coursework were staggered in a way in which I would find myself finished all my work by Tuesday at the very latest. Uni life was looking far too easy.

However, as the weeks inched closer and closer towards dreaded deadlines, the heat was fired up from 0 to 100, and soon I was cramming work into every free second I could, in a way I couldn’t remember ever doing before.

We’re all too familiar with the lie, “This is the semester I get organised!” Only a couple of weeks later we’re back to hunting through a pile of scrappy notes or rushing coursework at the last minute. Except this semester, somehow, I managed to keep that promise to myself. Semester one¬†taught me the art of organisation. A chaotic organisation more than anything else, but an organisation I’m not sure where I would be without. It taught me that taking just fifteen minutes before going to bed to look at your calendar and overview what’s going on over the next two weeks can sometimes be the difference between a structured and timely work ethic, and procrastination. You can plan your studies in advance, and keep track of incomplete projects. It’s like being a small boat tossing around in a wild ocean, except you have a map and you know your coordinates.

Another theme I found throughout this semester was that I’m pushing myself further and further from my comfort zone. From joining new societies to taking on new opportunities and solo trips, this semester has been some kind of test of how far I can go. Growth requires that you push yourself; sometimes it will be difficult, and sometimes it might not go to plan, but it’s all worth it in the end, and every mistake teaches a lesson. I think when it comes to the comfort zone, you need to reflect on your own fear. If an opportunity has appeared and you’re considering letting it go, what exactly is it that’s nudging you towards that decision? If you look into it and find that you’re not afraid but the timing simply doesn’t work for you, then sometimes it’s right to let the chance slip by. However, if fear is lurking anywhere in the picture, you can take that as a sure sign to give it a shot.

I don’t know much about next semester, other than a couple of modules I’m excited for, but I hope that I can keep on top of coursework as I have this semester, keep pushing myself, and have some exciting adventures along the way.

I hope everyone had a good first semester, enjoy the holidays, and happy new year for when it comes!

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Hello! I'm a 20 year old English and Creative Writing student from Dundee - most likely to be found in a coffee shop.

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