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  • 7 February 2018, 06:55

As students living far away from home, it is always nice to have restaurants open with a promise to serve cuisine familiar to you. DaiPai is one such restaurant. They opened just a few weeks ago and I decided I go down to check out what they have to got to add to #fundee. Disclaimer: I am not a food expert of any capacity whatsoever, but I do like good food which is both filling and affordable! So here goes:

Dai Pai is a Asian Street style restaurant which serves Asian fusion dishes, their “Sushiritto” being there specialty! Their new branch in Dundee is their second one; their first restaurant is in Edinburgh (and from what I hear; its quite popular, guys!) The moment I walked into the restaurant the waft of Asian flavours took me back to my country, and that was already a great sign! The set up was modern take on Asian styled street vendors place – driftwood modeled table tops and metal stools and chair instead of your typical restaurant set up. The place was packed and the cashier was apologizing to the people ordering as they had already ran out of certain dishes! (was impressed at the business they have been getting within the first few weeks of opening.)

I ordered the chili bomb Sushirrito with salmon for 6.95 pounds. Most of my friends who came with me had ordered the Sushirrito with different toppings also. Had a friend who ordered the Beef Siracha stew with rice for 5.95 pounds. So in terms of being affordable – a check on that!

After waiting for around 20 min before we were called out for our orders, we were ready to sink our teeth into the food since we are all starving. And we were not disappointed with we were eating – the food was amazing! It is not authentic Asian cuisine, but it had some those components and the dish as itself was good! The portion was big enough to feel full after one sushirrito. The rice dish that my friend orderd though, was way too big and he couldn’t finish the dish, but I liked that the restaurant was able to serve such portions for such affordable prices. So that was my second point of it being fulling and affordable – check!

The service was great and the staff were so sweet! The overall experience was great and I would definitely recommend my friends to go there. But if I had to be critical, the wait time could be reduced a little, 20 min was just way too long for the students to be able to drop by during lunch hours to grab a quick bite. Other than that, if you have a craving for Asian cuisine but not really ready for the heat, Dai Pai is the place to go! Till my next post, #udou!


PS: this is not a paid review, the food was indeed good and worth it

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Hey Guys! I am Navin and I am from Singapore! I loved every minute of last year, and I hope I will the next 4! Join me to read about my adventures and journeys this year ,hopefully, as I travel!

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