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Recently I signed the lease on my student flat for my second year in Dundee. The process was incredibly easy and I’d like to share my experience to help anyone else thinking about renting a student flat or wondering what it’s like trying to rent a flat in Dundee.

Firstly, there are plenty of letting agents in Dundee to choose from, and DUSA have a list of accredited landlords that they recommend as a Dundee University student as, if you experience any problems with your flat, DUSA can support you and you won’t be alone. Here is a link to DUSA’s Housing webpage, full of advice for students looking to rent a student flat.

Once you’ve chosen an agent or two, booking viewings in flats is super easy, and usually only requires a simple phone call or maybe a visit to the shop, most of which are located in the city centre with a DD1 postcode. You’ll have to know how many people you’re sharing with to book viewings for that particular sized flat, and you might have to provide a phone number to be contacted on, but other than that no information is usually taken.

Going to viewings is quite an exciting experience for you and your friends you’ll be moving in with, but you’ve also got to pay attention to what the landlord says and look out for anything that might put you off a property or secure a property as your favourite. Some questions you might want to ask before agreeing to signing the lease are: ‘who do I contact if I come across any problems?’; ‘are the windows double glazed?’; ‘how much do the current tenants pay in bills?’.

Once you’ve found a place that you and your future flatmates love, you have to pay a scary deposit. This will be returned to you when you leave the flat. Once this is over, you have to sign the lease. It is advised that you read through the information provided to you so you know what you are signing and what you are agreeing to. However, thinking too much about this will slow the process and possibly put you off moving into your favourite flat, so be cautious but don’t worry too much. It is important, though, that you look out for anything that might be glaringly wrong or things that you don’t quite understand, so that you can ask questions and get answers before it’s too late.

From then on it’s just quite a wait for the end of the current year to move into your new flat and start the next semester living with your new flatmates!

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Hey, I'm Kiah: a footballer, drummer and an avid film fan. I'm from County Durham, England, now in my fourth and final year of my History degree at Dundee!

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