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If someone ever tells you that food is boring, slowly walk away.

They can sense fear.

Dundee offers a lot of different cuisine, but it’s taken me some adventuring around to find the stuff I really liked. When you move to a new country, it’s always the food that can make or break your experiences, and finding equivalents or replacements is hard and takes forever. That being said, I love smoothies. Who doesn’t like smoothies?

Heathens. Heathens don’t like smoothies. How dare they.

I love making my own (heavy on the mango plz) but every once in a while (every day) it’s just too much damn work. I tried Fuel in Overgate and it’s become one of my favourite things to snack on when I’m looking for something cheap in Primark. For £5 I can get something filling and packed with delicious things I like, and I get to walk around with it. Winning.  My favourite is the Green Goddess, and sometimes I’ll swap out the yogurt for sorbet- matcha is awesome (http://fueljuicebars.com/menus/menu.pdf).

Dr. Noodle is probably a top favourite for so many students, and if you haven’t tried it you should. Eating in the Dr. Noodle joint on Perth is ripe with selfie opportunities, as the ceiling length mirror in front of their seating area lends itself to the job. Plus the noodles – £6-8 depending on your poison, but if you love saucy noodles who don’t skimp on spice, this place is excellent.  My favourite is the beef and wheat noodles, with a combination of the spicy peanut sauce and coconut (http://www.drnoodles.co.uk/).

In my undergrad, the best thing to order from takeaway was Chinese and the tradition still holds true here in Scotland.  After my flatmates and I have sampled our way through a few different places, we’ve come to the conclusion that one of our favourites is Neighbours Kitchen (get the fried seaweed, it’s an experience). (https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g186518-d4723970-Reviews-Neighbours_kitchen-Dundee_Scotland.html)

It doesn’t compare to my flatmates cooking, who’s from the South of China in Guangdong province, but she did give a contemplative nod of cautious approval once, so I’ll go with it. It has the best wonton soup I’ve tried out of all the places so far (a childhood favourite) so it’ll stay a win in my book until another usurper appears.

Everyone always needs a dependable place to order a good pizza. Not that crappy, overly greasy, I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-butter pizza.  The pizza you get when you’ve let go of all hope and everything is grey. Don’t get that pizza. Throw out it’s number, and instead call 01382 666666.

It’s ringing.

“Hello, Rooster’s.” Angels sing.

Forget Pizza Hut and Domino’s (unless you have a love for especially saucy cardboard), Roosters is where it’s at. Now, I can’t talk for literally anything else on their menu, I’m sure it’s great. Just get the stupid pizza. ( https://hungryhouse.co.uk/roosters-dundee#menu ).

Another flatmate from Karnataka, South India gives her own brand of approval in regards to Rishi’s, right here on Hawkhill. Everything I’ve tried so far is delicious (eat all the paneer), and if you want some decent khorma that might come back to kick you in the throat, try it out. Everyone needs a good cry, who better to make you do it than food? (http://www.rishisdundee.co.uk/dundee-menu/).

Lastly, my favourite I-need-to-treat-myself-because-I-deserve-it spot is Fisher and Donaldson’s bakery on Perth. There is an awesome little sitting area behind the counter to chat with friends or study, and the ladies working are always pleasant and happy. Their pastries, if you haven’t tried them yet, are incredible (duh). I’ve tried the coffee tower (could be physical proof of a higher power, research ongoing) and something made of Lemon everything that I need to be part of my life as long as I have teeth to chew. And longer. I’m stubborn, I could gum it (http://fisheranddonaldson.com/).

When not cooking at home, these are just some of the places I would suggest for a try or three.  There’s lot’s of places I have yet to experience in Dundee, and I’m excited to find new places until the moment I’m forced out of the country. These are just my opinion, and if you have somewhere you think is “Dude, like, way better,” gimme a shout and feed me. Prove me wrong. Dare you.




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