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  • 1 March 2018, 07:08

Taking a break from my normal blogging style, I thought I shall do some promotion for a worthy new society which has just formed in our University – Just Love Dundee. I do not know how many of you have heard about this group, but I would like to start with some background to what this group is and what they represent.

Just love started in Oxford in 2013, when a group of students were struck by the fact that Oxford had the highest number of homeless population in the country. This group of students decided something had to change, so they began meeting to pray, strategise and send out the first Homeless Outreach groups. They wanted every Christian student in Oxford to be engaged with social justice and doing something about it, and thus Just Love Oxford launched officially in the April with a ‘Live Below The Line’ week raising over £5000 for different charities. After a few chance connections, a team was forming in Durham who had a similar heart- and Just Love Durham launched in April 2014. Later that year, co-founder Tom Christmas started working for Just Love full time, building partnerships, forming a trustee and advisory board and continuing to strategise about what other causes can they work for. So far this year they have grown to 13 universities and have seen Just Love feature at the HTB Leadership Conference. The Alumni Network has also continued to grow- we’ve seen the start of our mentoring scheme (pairing up recent graduates with experienced Christians in the field) and the first sphere-specific gatherings. In September our staff team grew to 6, including a full-time Scotland coordinator.

So, coming back to Dundee, our very own JustLove society launched on the 15th of Feb 2018 and are coming up with a lot of ideas to help the community in Dundee. Please do check their fb page out (link below) and join in their activities. Currently they are working on the theme “Who is our neighbour?” and are organizing food drive and such. I strongly recommend you guys to check it out and see if you can help in any way at all. Till my next post, #udou!




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