Free Shop

So you’re moving to a new place. Now what?

Hint: You need things.  A lot of things.  Things you probably weren’t aware you were going to need.

Things are expensive.

Student life is great, but it isn’t always cheap or relatively affordable – especially if you want to eat something other than ramen a few times a week. That’s why I’m here to tell you that Trudy, the lovely, wonderful lady who manages the free shop here on Dundee campus is here to help you.

Some students will end up coming to the university in January, starting the second semester- you’ve missed the bigger giveaways and it’s cold, you need dishes, gloves, pots, pans, maybe even some pants.  The Free shop has you.

Have a cord that’s not working for your computer? The shop has lot’s of cords to choose from, and most PC users will get lucky (sorry Mac’s! but it never hurts to stop by and look). If your headphones have stopped working, and maybe you want to go old school and tape some cassettes (yes, seriously) – they’re all in the free shop.

Relocated to 3 Cross Row (Across from the Library) the free shop is home to lots of excellent goodies that will serve you and your wallet well into the semester.  Primark is great for certain things, but when you have to buy cleaners, detergents, bedding, duvets – it gets to be a bit overwhelming. If you’re coming in from a warmer climate (or even from a cold one!)and haven’t packed a proper jacket for the Dundee winter, there’s usually plenty to choose from As one of the volunteers I can tell you that if you need any of the aforementioned jackets, pants, and dishes (0h, my!), we’re pretty well stocked and will keep you covered so your funds can go to the really important things, like DUSA parties and day-after hangover coffees. 

If you ever need anything specific and you can’t seem to find it, just let a volunteer or Trudy know and we can see if we can help you out!

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