Varsity and Conference Cup Finals

Throughout the academic year, I’ve been playing for DUWFC, otherwise known as Dundee University Women’s Football Club. On Wednesday 14th March we played against Abertay for Varsity alongside all the other sports teams of both universities, and on Wednesday 21st March we played against Abertay again in the Conference Cup Final in St Andrews! Sadly, we lost both games 4-1. But both were really good games and a lot closer than they seem! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time playing football for Dundee and I’d love to continue playing next semester.

Varsity is so much fun and gets everyone involved no matter your ability, so I encourage everyone to take part, even just as a spectator, as it’s a fun day and night for all! And if you’re lucky enough to get to a cup final like we did this year, get involved and come along to support! The ISE helped us transport supporters as well as the team to St Andrews which was great as we had all the support we needed.

I encourage everyone to get involved in sport at university as its probably the only chance you’ll get as an adult to get involved in loads of different sports, and it’s probably one of the easiest ways to get involved competitively in a sport you’ve either played for a long time or never played before! Every team is so inviting and welcoming and you’re always welcome to get involved at any time!

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