Best things about living in Dundee

If you’re new here or if you’re considering coming to Dundee, I’m here to tell you that Dundee is the perfect city to live in as a student, and here’s why:

As a predominantly student city, it’s really safe as you’re surrounded by students from both universities. Both campuses are safe and big enough for lots of activities which makes it so easy to get involved as a student living in Dundee!

It’s a really cheap city to live in as a student, as student rent is around £300 on average (which is a lot less than halls!) meaning you can spend more of your money on things you actually want to spend it on!

You’ve got two shopping centres, the Overgate and the Wellgate, and plenty of other shops in the city centre, which is fab for shopaholics or when you’re in desperate need of new clothes (which is surprisingly often for us students!)

As well as this, there’s plenty of food shops in the city centre for us to stock up our cupboards, from the many Tescos in town to Lidl and Asda.

Transport-wise, the train station is so close to the city centre. It’s only a small walk away from campus so it’s super easy to get transport from home to Dundee or to go for daytrips to nearby cities such as Edinburgh, Glasgow or Aberdeen. As well as this, there’s loads of fab bus links to places nearby like the Cineworld Cinema in Camperdown Leisure Park (a favourite of mine) or even St Andrews for a lovely day out.

Hopefully I’ve convinced you that Dundee is an amazing city to live in, and I encourage everyone who hasn’t already to come see it for yourself!

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Hey, I'm Kiah: a footballer, drummer and an avid film fan. I'm from County Durham, England, now in my fourth and final year of my History degree at Dundee!

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    1. che eric

      Dundee is really an amazing city. I had always loved Scotland from the very beginning. I am also interested in your hobbies(Football particularly). Hope to be there in the months ahead…

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