Why you should use the library in First Year

The library is a great resource available for all students at Dundee, but not many first years use it to their full advantage. Here, I’ll explain why I used the library so frequently during my first year of university and why you should too.

Firstly, leaving your flat and going out to the library can be the first step towards a very productive day, as almost everyone knows that they’ll get more work done when they’re surrounded by other people working than when they’re sat in their flat staring at the walls, just waiting to be distracted. I know before I properly started using the library I would be so much less productive sat in my room than I would be if I met my friends in the library and got to work in that environment.

Secondly, the library is a great place to socialise very casually. Obviously, the main reason everyone is in the library is to get work done, however, when you need a break, it’s great to be surrounded by your friends who you can chat to and chill out with for 10 minutes before going back to work.

Thirdly, you have all the resources you need right in front of you. Forgot your laptop? No worries, just use a computer. Need a book for your essay? Just find the location by searching the library website and you’ll have it in your hands in no time. There’s plenty of members of staff to help you too with any problems you might have, which you certainly won’t get on your own in your room!

Lastly, making the library part of your routine maintains that motivation and stride that you may have experienced in school. When you were at school, you had a rigid timetable and probably had to wake up early every day and got home at the same time every day. This routine is useful to get you motivated to maybe do your homework as soon as you get home, for example. If you carry this on to uni by leaving your flat every morning at, say, 10am, going to the library and setting up camp there for the day, only to leave for your classes, you’re far more likely to get work done than if you were to only leave your flat for your classes. This routine is really what keeps me working and doing as much as I can every day.

Obviously, one thing I haven’t mentioned is that you’ll get your best work done in the library and therefore be more likely to get better grades and do much better throughout your time at university. What more motivation do you need?!

There’s plenty of different environments in the library to suit everyone’s studying habits, for example, there are silent, quiet and group study areas, there are rooms that you can book when available in order to practice a presentation or just get a room to yourself for you and your friends for an hour or so, and there are plenty of open desk spaces for you to use as you please as well as computers for when you can’t be bothered bringing your laptop to the library!

Hopefully I’ve convinced you all that it’s worthwhile going to the library as often as you can!

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