Second Long Days

Needless to say, it’s been a busy semester. On top of the usual coursework and money-earning work, in December I took on the role of Head of Operations in DUSA Media’s Tay Productions. Week by week seems to have thundered by like an out of control snow plow (especially during Exec Election week when the Beast from the East descended on Dundee.) but I’ve found I’m at my most satisfied while rushing around. I’m not a fan of stalling, and balancing a university with media responsibilities and a social life has, strangely, proved more enjoyable than stressful. Somehow, the assignments got in on time, deadlines were met, shifts were made, and somehow, the end of the semester drew up far too fast. So since each day has barely felt like a second, I decided to cut all the little videos on my phone into second long clips and create a tiny snapshot of a very busy semester.


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