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In March of this year, I attended Future Female Engineers in the Arup HQ, London. This was my third time applying to Future Female Engineers (FFE), an event I saw advertised in TARGETJobs Engineering 2018 Edition. The idea of being surrounded by over 80 other female engineers excited me, so much so that I kept on applying until given the opportunity to attend – and it happened!

The online application was a chance for me to show my interest in and understanding of the event, as well as what I could contribute. My phone interview was a chance to display my passion for engineering and show the research I carried out on FFE and the sponsoring companies. The event started in an unexpected way: a lively, thought-provoking and meme-filled presentation on personal branding and confidence by Kate Taylor. That was the perfect start to my day; I immediately gained confidence and excitement for what lay ahead – that day and for the rest of my career.

Every element of the event was engaging and relevant. I especially enjoyed the team activity; even though my team didn’t win, it was a great opportunity to work with other female engineers, make friendships and learn from their problem-solving and teamwork skills. As a female engineering student, I occasionally struggle with isolation in a class in which over 90% of the students are male. Coming to events like Future Female Engineers confirms that I am where I ought and want to be and that there is room for me to make a lasting impact in my field. Listening to successful women in engineering who excel at and love their job during the Q&A Panel gave me several strokes of insight and through the candidness and clarity of the panel members, I saw role models and my future self.

During the day, there were many opportunities for me to network with women in the industry, in different STEM fields and at different levels. Understanding what they did and imagining myself in those positions helped me make my most important career move to date: changing my degree course from Civil Engineering to Mechanical Engineering. Future Female Engineers was extremely well organised and are one of my most vivid and empowering career-related memories. I left the event with a goodie bag and inspiration that I know will last a lifetime.

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Hi, I'm a Nigerian 3rd Year Mechanical Engineering student. This year I have engrossed myself in so many different aspects of uni life. I hope you enjoy reading and watching my candid opinion of life at the University of Dundee.

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