Summer Part One (London)

2017/2018 was a pretty long academic year and to be very honest I was quite ready for a long break. Somehow my long summer became quite exciting, more by a happy accident than by design. This will be a three-part post of my adventures and misadventures…


After I submitted my dissertation, something new I tried was my first proper part time student job. I’ve always felt it was an important student experience I didn’t want to miss out on before I finished uni and began working for the NHS. I started working as a temporary admin assistant in an office, it was a completely different vibe to working in a lab that I had done all year – something I really enjoyed. I also finally got to answer the phone in a really official voice which was pretty exciting. Not going to lie, getting a pay slip was even more so.


The first part my holiday was a quick getaway to London. A close friend of mine had just graduated and had gone home to celebrate her birthday in London and so I booked the cheapest way down (read: Ryanair) for the double celebration with a few other friends. We had such a great time! I’ve always loved Dundee for its cute student town atmosphere but sometimes a city break is definitely needed. We had some fantastic meals, walked around some touristy bits and had a slightly wild night out that I probably won’t detail in this blog. We also managed to get tickets to A Night in London Zoo, in which the zoo is open after hours for adults. There were penguins and I was happy. All in all, just a relaxed, good time.


I set off from London to Cardiff to meet a childhood friend from Malaysia who had also just finished her degree. Basically, I’m at that point in life as almost everyone I know moves on to the next phase while I quite contentedly wave by. Anyway, it was my first visit to Wales and I was pretty keen to see what it was like.



Cardiff was (I admit grudgingly) a pretty nice student town. They had quite a nice selection of restaurants in town, where I discovered my new favorite – Wahaca – a Mexican chain. Pretty interesting Mexican tapas, highly recommend the sweet potato and feta taquito. More than that I finally got to have a much needed catch up with a dear friend. It’s become increasingly difficult to keep track of people as we move around for school and work so times like these are pretty rare and precious. If you do make it to Cardiff, quite a journey from Scotland, check out the Bay Area before you leave as well. Pretty views and an excuse to get ice creams on a hot day.


The Royal Victoria Albert museum.

I returned to London just in time to pick up my parents from Heathrow. They had come down for Graduation and we planned to stay in London for the week before coming up to Dundee. This summer I also discovered the joys of using Airbnb. I had tried it once before, so it was with a kind of shaky confidence that I booked us a place to stay for the week. It went perfectly, if you need recommendations please just message


Mandatory blurry tourist selfie.

The next week was busy. We had done the usual touristy stops as a family a while ago, but we still sneaked a peak at Buckingham palace and wandered around Hyde park. The squirrels were a little too bold for me to confidently snack on my packet of mixed nuts. There was one too many trips to Oxford Street and quick and kind of healthy lunches at Pret. The highlight of the trip was definitely watching The Lion King musical again on Father’s Day as well as The Phantom of the Opera on my parent’s anniversary. Both were fantastic, if you must watch one – The Lion King was spectacular.


We left London to head back to Scotland, a day before graduation and to continue to explore the highlands. More on that in Part 2


Until next time x

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Hello everyone! I'm an international medical student, currently in my 4th year. I'm setting out to experience as much of Dundee student life as possible as I finish with my last years of undergraduate studies. I'm a closet bookworm and a foodie with an obsession of baking all things sweet. I also drink copious amounts of tea.

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