Graduation and Highlands trip

My BMSc graduation was at 2.30pm on the 22nd of June 2018.  The Scottish weather gods were especially kind as the clouds parted and we had sunny skies for the ceremony and the many (many) photos after.

This was especially special as my parents had flown in a long way away from Malaysia to attend. To be very honest I didn’t know what to make of the ceremony, being a medical student, I still have another two years till I truly finish with university and the prospect of a pseudo-grad was a little weird.Well that was resolved pretty quickly.  There’s something about putting on a graduation gown, surrounded by families and other proud graduates that naturally makes the occasion special. I was especially grateful to be able to attend this graduation ceremony as it was the last one to be attended by our former Chancellor Lord Naren Patel. His speech was both witty and inspiring, earning bouts of laughter that I didn’t expect from a graduation ceremony.

Another key highlight was honorary graduate, Dr Saleyha Ahsan who is also an alumnus of the medical school. I had previously attended a talk by her in which she spoke about her extraordinary life where she juggled medical school and being a journalist in war zones to bring light to the stories of thousands of refugees. Truly inspiring.

After the ceremony I headed off to the garden party for my free glass of Prosecco (highlight) and to congratulate most of the other people I started university with as they prepared to leave Dundee.

I still had a week with my parents, and we decided to put it to good use by going on a road trip to the Scottish Highlands. We rented a car, booked our accommodation and set off. I could attempt to explain how beautiful Scotland can be, but I feel like these photos will prove more effective. If you’re a student and Scotland, more so an international one, I would highly recommend planning a trip over summer before you leave.

Until next time x

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Hello everyone! I'm an international medical student, currently in my 4th year. I'm setting out to experience as much of Dundee student life as possible as I finish with my last years of undergraduate studies. I'm a closet bookworm and a foodie with an obsession of baking all things sweet. I also drink copious amounts of tea.

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