Year 1, Semester 1, Week 1!

  • 5 September 2018, 07:36

Sunny blue sky, great weather and great people; all are which makes Dundee an ideal place for students to be! As a year 3 student this year, I have already been in classes for the past 3 weeks and trying to understand neurology. But enough about me, this week is all about the freshies and tbh some of my best memories are from my first few weeks here, just a mere 2 years back! Things have changed a lot and the type of events and session planned for you guys are quite different to what I had but some things don’t change, and I would like to just share some of the those must do things this week.


Must Do no.1: EXPLORE!!

For some of you out there Dundee could be a new place, for some Scotland could be new and for my fellow international friends the whole country could be new. But afraid not, Dundee is a great city which has a lot to offer! With the new V&A Museum opening soon, there is one more reason why Dundee is the better than other places in Scotland. Take this week and maybe even the next to just walk about and get to know the city a little better. Some must see places: Dundee Law, The Tay River, the beach at brought ferry (go before the weather gets colder) and of course get yourself acquainted to the 2 most important places in Dundee (in my opinion) – Lidl and Tesco! Also, the university campus is one the more beautiful things in Dundee, so do go for the campus and library tours that are being organised for you guys!

Must Do no.2: MEET PEOPLE!!

No Uni experience is complete without finding your squad, the group of friends who will be with you from the start of a sesh till the end when y’all head over to Istanbul (it’s a shop along perth rd) for some post-night out chips. Start with your flatmates, and then your course and so on…if all else fails the dance floor of Mono is a great place to ‘meet’ people as well. Of course, there are tonnes of activities and sessions arranged by DUSA to help you guys meet a lot of people and I would recommend going to as many as you can!


Must Do no.3: GET INVOLVED!!

University is the time to rediscover yourself and to truly know who you are and what you want to do with your future…but that’s a bit cliché so my advice is to participate in things you wouldn’t otherwise. You wouldn’t know what you don’t like till you tried it. In my first year here, I was part of over 4 clubs and sport societies; and the people I met there are my closest friends in Dundee till date. The university has over 150 clubs, societies and sports teams and if there is something you are looking that they don’t have, you can create one! How awesome is that! Use this link for more info:



This is a two parter. The first would be that as much as I want y’all to have fun, do make to sure to matriculate into your courses in time and for those who have to confirm the class schedules, please do get those sorted asap so that you will have more time for the 2nd most important thing – to have fun! Freshers week is one of those rare weeks that you have almost no classes and your only responsibility is to have fun and create memories!

Having said that, I am not gonna take up anymore of your time reading this blog, so go out there have fun and Welcome to Dundee!!

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Hey Guys! I am Navin and I am from Singapore! I loved every minute of last year, and I hope I will the next 4! Join me to read about my adventures and journeys this year ,hopefully, as I travel!

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