Best Freshers Advice!!!

Freshers’ Week is almost over, but we can’t forget one of the most important events of the whole week…the Freshers Fayre! On Saturday 8th September, freshers will flock to the campus green to get a glimpse of the many societies we have here at Dundee.

‘So, what’s the best freshers advice?’ I hear you ask. The best advice I could give you is to go to the Freshers Fayre with a completely open mind and join as many societies as you can! Anything that even remotely interests you, you should put your name down and get involved!

Even if you go to one event and never go again, joining societies is undeniably the easiest way to meet new people and make friends with those who have similar interests to you. Societies allow you to mingle with people who study different subjects, who are different ages to you and even come from different countries. Surely this is the best way to get involved in uni life and make friends with as many people as possible!

As President of the History Society, I can’t talk about the Freshers Fair and not mention us! We’ll be there all day hoping for plenty of freshers to join us this year. All you need is an interest in History and £1 to join! No need to be a History student or even a Humanities student!

I hope everyone, not just freshers, takes my advice and joins plenty of societies tomorrow, and I hope to see lots of you there!

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