Campus Couches

The academic success can be difficult to achieve in a distress state of mind. The University of Dundee has loads of support services to help with mental health, finances and such, but to maintain a good feel through students’ courses, it is also crucial to have an environment which is comfortable and inspiring. Such as a good couch, for example.
Whether you need to write an essay, read a pile of journals, chat with friends, or just to rest a bit, couches are great all-in-one solution to, literally, get your back. Without a further ado, here is my list of noteworthy sofas of the main campus, with some info regarding their comfort, and whether you get plugs nearby to keep your devices up and running.

Global Room a relatively new facility for students with plenty of board games, free tea / coffee (!) and some couches, of course. Among many social events, they even have this massive penguin permanently residing there.

He might not talk very much; but man, he surely can listen. And he’ll never give away your secrets.

Comfort level: Top. Where else can you cuddle with a penguin?
Work ethic:
High. Last year, I wrote most of my research here – the place is more casual than a library, yet not as loud as the Union.
Nap factor: Unless there’s some busy event going on, it is among the best nap-able locations on campus.
Plugs: Yes. A long cord helps, tho.
Bottom line: Easily my favorite item on the list. To stay updated on their events, follow the One Dundee Facebook.


Hidden in the Wolfson Room 2, there are two of these:

For some strange reason, they are hardly taken – your chances of getting the spot are big. They are pointed towards a big window, so you can enjoy a sweet outlook. This disposition also aids the…
Nap factor. The thing is, you need to engage stealth mode here, otherwise the security will have a talk with you. That’s where the mentioned couches play to your advantage, as they face away from everyone – so if you quietly fall asleep with a book in your hand, you are all set. But if you know you snore, please. Don’t even try that.
Work ethic: High.
Comfort: Good
Plugs: Loads of them.
Bottom line: The opening hours are immensely good. From early morning till 2:30 a.m., all day every day. During finals, they even switch to 24/7.

Tower cafe

In here is located the couch with the best view. And you can get a snack here.

Unfortunately, there are chances that it’ll be taken, as it is well-known place. Another drawback is that they close at 3 p.m.

Comfort: All right. It gets better with a friend (or more) to chat with.
Work ethic: If you have a meeting / interview here, then it’s great. Apart from that, not much.
Nap factor: Forget it.
Plugs: No
Bottom line: View. seriously, even if you couldn’t care less about some couches or coffee, stop by just to look out the windows.

Lamb Gallery

Comfort level: The couches here have some history, but it is doable.
Work ethic: Not much, as the…
Nap factor: is 100%. Low traffic around, relatively dim lights, this is a napping heaven. Be sure to set your alarm to ring before the closing hours, or you’ll wake up locked in. Yeah, thank me later.
Plugs: No. But you don’t care here.
Bottom line: Check out the art on the walls, sometimes they have some cool stuff on display.


The union has a ton of couches. The Liar on the level 3 is probably the place with the biggest number of them across the whole uni. However, if you are to study or chill, I would suggest skipping this and keep you pace to the lever 4, where’s the Air Bar. As they don’t serve food or drinks during the day, it is quiet and not crowded. Yey!

Comfort and work ethic: Good
Plugs: A few, but far. Either charge your stuff in advance, or bring an extension lead.
Bottom line: If you play some instrument, this can also serve as a good jam spot.


Comfort level: while the sofas are all right, the environment isn’t as cozy as the others.
Work ethics: You’ll be better off behind one of the tables around.
Nap factor: It will do, if you just need a short recharge.
Plugs: nope.
Bottom line: An emergency solution between lectures.

Bonus: Outdoor Round

You probably heard that Dundee is the sunniest city of Scotland. That said, make some use of it:

Geddes Quadrangle

Nice, quiet location surrounded by the oldest buildings of the campus. When it’s sunny, this is a win.

Park behind the Ewing Building

A natural oasis in the middle of campus, yes please.

If you enjoy the outdoors, I’d also wholeheartedly recommend to check out the University of Dundee Botanical Garden. It is a bit further from the main campus, but it is totally worthy.

So there you have it. Which one is your favorite? Did I miss a good one?
Let me know in the comments!

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