A Very Busy Week 1!

Finally, the weekend is upon us after what has probably been quite a busy first week of lectures and classes for us all! As a second year history student, my timetable is still relatively busy but nothing quite like you medics and dentists out there working 9-5! Despite that, I thought I’d give a little insight into my first week back.

On day one I was thrown into the deep end with three lectures, one in each of my modules. I quite like the introductory lectures as its all about getting to know the staff on the module and figuring out if, wait a second, do tutorials start this week or not?! It was quite a hectic day with the history society meeting over my lunch break as well, a successful second meeting for us all!

Day two involved my first tutorial of the semester which went a lot better than I was expecting! I always find tutorials so daunting at first because you’re never sure what the lecturer will be like or who will be in your group, but I was very lucky in both respects. Next, some of us in the history society went to a first year history lecture to introduce ourselves and gather some support, which was very successful. After that I had two more lectures which went well!

Day three was very quiet, but on day four I volunteered for the first time in the archives! It was fantastic and I very much enjoyed looking through one of the collections we have, making it accessible on the website for anyone wanting to find it. The archives really are such an important resource for all of us, not just history or even humanities students, they hold information regarding the NHS, textiles, art and design, business, you name it they’ve probably got something interesting for you! I can’t wait to be more involved there this year and hopefully raise my grades through using their primary sources in my essays.

Day five was very quiet, just the one lecture, which was a brilliant rest after such a busy week.

I’m enjoying my modules so far and looking forward to the tutorials I have starting next week. I hope you’ve all had a fantastic week, and I really hope all freshers have settled into uni life and living in Dundee!

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