Beyond the books: The diary of a coffee addict in Dundee

Suffering from caffeine withdrawal? Me too. All. The. Time.

However, I am not just your usual coffee addict. I like my daily coffee with a side of hipstery scenery and nice staff.

During my last 3 years in Dundee I have found the very best, cutest and most aesthetic places to grab a coffee – whether it’s to go, catching up with friends or for a quiet day of studying (let’s be honest, not all of us enjoy 9-hour days in the library). 

I once heard a rumour that Dundee has the UK’s cheapest coffee. As an experienced (I promise) university student, I off course did all my research, and couldn’t find any definitive proof of this claim. However as a self-proclaimed almost-local Dundonian, I can confirm that coffee here is reasonably priced wherever you go – so when it comes to picking the best local coffee spots, there are a lot of other things that matter. 



You can find Bubu in the city centre, about a 5 minute walk from campus. While the coffee is great, and the interior is great and cosy (with ideal lighting for both studying and taking instagrammable pictures), I think my favourite thing about Bubu is the staff – pretty sure I’m on a first name basis with all of them by now! 

Another highlight is their incredible sandwiches, hot boxes and cakes that have options for every single preference – vegans, if you haven’t tried their vegan cake yet, you’re committing a crime. 

Oh and, of course, the bicycle you can only spot if you make it up to the seating area on the first floor (who doesn’t love a hipster and aesthetic ambiance?).


The Flame Tree Cafe

Granted. This place is always full. But that’s just cause their coffee and snacks are so damn good.

The local chain now has two different locations across the city, one in the city centre on one of those lovely little hidden-away streets that you only stumble upon when you wander around the city on a sunny Sunday, and one on Perth road – both a quick walk away from the university campus. The Flame Tree is well known for it’s rainbow bagels – trust me, your friends at home will die for an Instagram story of these.


Coffee and Co

You know when you walk into a coffee shop and you feel like you’ve walked straight into your grandma’s kitchen for a tea and a smile? That’s exactly how walking into Coffee and Co feels like. Cozy couches, amazing coffee and hid away from the busiest streets of Dundee – like a wee hidden gem. A tip to my non-vegan friends: I’ve been told that their toasties are to die for, such as a ‘legendary’ haggis and cheese melt. 

Whenever I sit with friends in the Coffee and Co couches I feel like I’m in central perk with the gang – and who doesn’t want to feel like that while killing that caffeine craving? 


DUSA The Union

I feel the need to say here, disclaimer: this is not an ad. It’s not a surprise that I love Dundee University, and of course our amazing students union, DUSA. After all, there is a reason we’re the best Students’ Union in Scotland once again. However, that’s not what this is about. This is about the amazing, cheap coffee I get at the Union every single day. Whether you’re heading to the Pavement cafe or Liar Bar, the coffee is good, the staff is nice (and students that you probably see around campus every day) and the music and vibe is great – what more could I ask for as a side with my midday coffee?

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    3 Responses to “Beyond the books: The diary of a coffee addict in Dundee”

    1. Gary Saunders

      The Flame Tree Cafe in the City Centre is on Exchange Street (a little cobbled street just off the rear of the Caird Hall at the bottom of Castle Street). Definitely worth a visit if you like cafes, hipster barbers and independent boutiques.

    2. Just stumbled upon this blog. Was going to visit Dundee and wondered where are the good coffee shops there. So, thanks Daniella for this post 🙂 Whenever I travel I like to map the route through coffee shops, it gives the journey a tasty meaning and little mysteries to solve. It’s like being on a treasure hunt 🙂

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