How to Scrapbook

I used to really enjoy arts and craft as a child. I loved sticking bits of things together in hap-hazard collages or dabbling with paper Mache.  If you remember Neil Buchannan from Art Attack as fondly as I do you’ll understand what I mean. Somehow, it’s been another one of those hobbies that has just fallen to the wayside as I’ve gotten busier.

Well after my interrail trip I decided it was time I actually made the effort to organise my holiday photos into an album before they were sentenced to live forever in yet another dusty hard drive.. It doesn’t have to be a holiday or a special event but there’s something quite sentimental about having a hard copy of photos, even if they’re mostly slightly skewed and blurry memories of university.

I will admit I began my research on Pinterest, but I soon developed my own style of putting my travel scrapbook together.  These are just a few tips to get you started If you decide to make one of your own.

Lots and lots of photos!

The good, the weird and the ugly. The weirder the better. They always make the best stories anyway.

Ticket stubs, maps, guides and that piece of paper you didn’t know you had.

This is probably a tip that you should take note of before you go on holiday, save everything! It actually adds a layer of dimension to your scrapbook rather than just having photos.

Stickers and jazzy bits

I ordered my scrapbook and stickers online on Amazon, a small luxury if you are trying to DIY. Then again, who doesn’t love stickers.

Handwritten notes

These are definitely my favourite personal touch. As we travelled, we kept a small travel diary to detail key things that happened throughout the day and how we felt about them. It was really handy when it came to putting the scrapbook together as I could make a small handwritten notes to go along with the photos. It might have ended up a food diary more than anything else but helpful none the less.

Happy Scrapbooking guys!

Until next time x

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Hello everyone! I'm an international medical student, currently in my 4th year. I'm setting out to experience as much of Dundee student life as possible as I finish with my last years of undergraduate studies. I'm a closet bookworm and a foodie with an obsession of baking all things sweet. I also drink copious amounts of tea.

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