Taster Session – Center of Entrepreneurship

On Thursday the 13th the enterprise challenge started. It had its ‘opening ceremony’ the taster session. A fun event aimed to show off the business skills that can be gained from the challenge as well as an opportunity to meet the team and gets chance to visit the centre’s office.

It was a busy night, with multiple games, a quiz and a Q&A session. There was even pizza!

As part of the enterprise team, I was tasked with planning the evening, with the rest of the team. If you followed us on social media would have got to see a glimpse of the fun had.

Despite all the fun, it was a great opportunity to see what the enterprise challenge has to offer everyone. With the deadline to apply for the enterprise challenge over you will have to go to master classes or apply for next semester.



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Hi, I'm a third Year Civil Engineering student. I hope you enjoy reading my blog about life at the University of Dundee.

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