Living in a Private Let Flat

The move from home to halls is difficult enough, but most of us take that next step in second year and go onto living in a private let flat, which is a whole different kettle of fish. After living here for about 4 weeks now, I think I can comment on it, even though I know there’ll be so many new surprises and hurdles in the future!

The first main difference is that you no longer pay a big sum that covers rent and bills. Instead, you pay your rent to your landlord or letting agent and you have to sort out your electricity, gas and internet providers and bills yourself. This can be quite a shock at first but managing all of these new responsibilities really helps you grow and develop into even more of an independent person! The most positive way of looking at this change is that in some circumstances it can half what you pay from halls to private let, for example, I paid over £600 for my halls accommodation a month, but I only pay £290 for rent in my private let flat! As well as this, it means you’re in control of what you pay for your bills. It’ll probably be cheaper to live in the summer because you won’t be using as much heating or having your lights on as late, but in the winter you have to be so weary not to leave the heating on too long!! Unless you aren’t a skint student like me!

Another big change is that you’re no longer on campus 24/7, you actually live in the city centre, or even further away if you didn’t manage to get a DD1 postcode flat! This can be a positive because you get to properly leave university at the end of the day, but also means if you’ve forgotten anything you have to trek all the way back up to campus, or you can’t just pop back to your flat in the middle of the day because it’ll take too much time and energy if you’re like me and live in a third floor flat! But at least with this you get used to not having everything on your doorstep because when we’ve all grown up and got our own places and jobs it won’t be that easy!

However, being away from campus isn’t always a bad thing, because (hopefully) now you’ll be closer to the shops! This is fab for anyone planning on getting a job or if you’ve already got one as your commute will be a lot shorter. As well as that of course, you’re far more tempted when your student loan comes in to go to the shops! (I wouldn’t recommend this of course…)

To anyone who has recently moved into a private let flat, I hope it’s going well and I hope you’ve had minimal problems with all the appliances, unlike my flat!! One day we’ll figure out how this washing machine works!

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      • Kiah Edwards

        Thank you Claire! I am, I have three flatmates, all boys! It’s very different living with three boys but they’re all great. I knew two of them very well before moving in and the third I’d only met a couple of times but we all get along so well.

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