A date at Italian Grill

There comes a point in life where most of us realise it’s your friends that eventually have your back and it’s the dinner dates with your girlfriends that make the most memorable nights.  Cue Simran, one of my closest (craziest) friends in Dee and my dinner date for Saturday.

We decided to head to Dundee’s favourite Italian joint for celebrations, Italian Grill. It’s one of those decidedly fancy spots for those nights you decide to spoil yourself a little, put on a nice dress and relax for the evening. There’s a nice warm ambience to the place that lends itself for a quite catch-up or a full-on birthday meal (both of which we’ve indulged in here).  Either or it’s one of those places you can’t really miss with it being right next to Caird Hall where we all hopefully graduate.

I guess it’s also well worth mentioning that there’s a student discount of 10% that you should definitely take advantage of.

This is going to be an unashamedly food-centred post, like most others, that will highlight the many merits of gluttony.

Judge away.

We started the evening with glasses of wine, Pinot Grigio, the pronunciation which I mercilessly botched but enjoyed just the same – classy ladies that we are

This was followed by the starters of the evening, Focaccia with Parma Ham and Parmesan.

I must admit I let my love of cheese get the better of me and didn’t quite think of the salt content of the two combined when I picked my toppings.

Word of advice: think of the balance.

Nevertheless, we wolfed that down happily enough and continued with our deep chats on life while waiting for our mains.

So okay. I know what you’re thinking. We might, might have over ordered. But everything looked so damn good.

I mean is there really a choice between sweet potato fries and onion rings?

Well let’s just say we had plenty to feast on after coming home from DUSA’s Car Park Rave (also where I tripped and skinned my knee) but that’s a story for another day.

I wish I could say we then gorged on dessert, but truth be told we had failed to pace ourselves and we found ourselves hurriedly thanking our host and rushing out for the night.  For those of you with a sweet tooth though, there’s crème brulee on the menu that I was eyeing all evening.   

Either way, we had a pretty great evening. If you’re looking for your next indulgent night out with a loved one or a good friend, 9/10 would recommend.

Until next time x

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Hello everyone! I'm an international medical student, currently in my 4th year. I'm setting out to experience as much of Dundee student life as possible as I finish with my last years of undergraduate studies. I'm a closet bookworm and a foodie with an obsession of baking all things sweet. I also drink copious amounts of tea.