A Guide to Studying in University – Part 2

  • 5 October 2018, 07:08

So, in the previous post I covered the 3 biggest things of studying in Uni, the trifactor of Uni if I may say. But, that is not all that is enough to get you through Uni. Keeping up with lectures, constant revision and regular breaks to ensure you do not burn out so soon is also equally important in Uni, and here are some tips to help you through that!

Work strategies

How do you know if you are doing enough work? There will be guidelines available to give you a rough idea of how much hours you will be expected to put in. Doing a little bit of work each night, such as writing up the day’s lecture notes is a good way of making sure you do not get behind. There is no concrete advice when it comes to the actual amount of work required – you cannot expect to ‘get’ a subject by putting in a fixed number of hours of work. Instead, it is a case of working until you feel you have mastered a subject. There may be people who do better than you but try and judge your performance by your own standards. Set yourself targets and be realistic about what you can achieve. There will inevitably be people who seem to do nothing but get amazing marks.  But do not let these distract you from your goals, work towards them and always make sure to challenge yourself.


Ask for Help!

‘OK, if I can’t find my way back to my cubicle in 2 more days, I’ll definitely consider asking for help.’

It takes time to adjust to new things and going to university almost inevitably involves a change in where you live, the people you mix with and what you do from day to day. Parents may do their best to nag over the phone, but the shock of independence means that it can be quite hard to be motivated and feel in control of everything when term begins. If you are feeling scared or overwhelmed at any point of your university career, then remember you are not alone. There is always help available, whether it comes from your next-door neighbour in halls, phoning your mum or talking to the university counselling service. Students from the year above are a really good start, if not the university’s enquiry centre is a good place to ask for

directions as well. The staff are great people and will be willing to help with anything at all!




Enjoy your time here!

Sourced from: https://sd.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk/i-w600/keep-calm-and-enjoy-university-3.jpg

Ok, I don’t want to be sappy here, but University is a place of many new opportunities and

adventures, before you know it, you will be in your final years of uni and regret not taking part in some activities. Try and get involved early and try to participate in as many things as possible in a responsible way (of course) and meet as many new people as possible! I hope yall have a great year ahead and welcome to Dundee!

Written by:

Hey Guys! I am Navin and I am from Singapore! I loved every minute of last year, and I hope I will the next 4! Join me to read about my adventures and journeys this year ,hopefully, as I travel!

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