What to do in October?

With the temperatures dropping and the essays piling up many of us find it a bit harder to enjoy the magnificent city of Dundee. Well, you better find a day or two because this October Dundee will host some great events!

For those of you interested in improving their essay writing skills there is the EssayFest from the 8th to the 12th, where we can all learn more about how to craft a masterful essay. There will also be quick drop-ins for those of you who just have a quick question. For full information and details click here.

If you find yourself struggling to make a good CV or Cover Letter, then why not come to 1 Airlie Place, the building dedicated to our very own Careers Service department, on the 9th of October from 1PM to 2PM for a seminar on how to write effective tailored CV’s and cover letters for job applications. The event will be held in Seminar Room 1.

With the arrival of Autumn, the botanic garden has become even more fabulous, why not join the guided tour on the 11th and learn about all the different plants that we have here. The event offers free bus ticket and free admission in the Garden, but remember to bring your student ID with you. It starts in 1PM and finishes at 3PM.

On the 17th there will be free lunch (mark as the highest priority event in your calendars) in the Global Room. The event starts at 12PM and finishes at 1PM.

Just after the free lunch starts the Peter Garland Lecture. This year the lecture, held by Professor Claire Halpin would be on the topic “The increasing power of electron cryomicroscopy”. Here from the University of Cambridge would be the 2017 Noble laureate Dr Richard Henderson. The lecture would be in the big lecture theatre in the Medical Sciences Institute. It starts at 1PM and will finish at 2PM, the talk will be followed by refreshments in WTB Life Science.

On the same day starts our very own Festival of the Future! More than forty events, workshops and seminars will combine music, science, words, design, dance, theatre, food and art. The festival runs from the 17th to the 21st. For more information, go to the web page of the festival.

Just a few days later, Steven Gellatly will perform an original live musical score alongside a program of selected silent films, inspired by film studies our curriculum. The event will take place in Baxter Suite (1.36) in Tower Building from 5:30PM on the 24th. The event is free and everyone is welcome, especially film studies students.

Steven Gellatly is a composer and silent film pianist, who has performed across Europe, from London to Sweden. He regularly appears in Scotland and this will be his third time in our university.

For our beloved philosophy students, we have a special seminar prepared just before the end of the month. On the 30th Hynek Janousek from the Charles University in Prague will talk about ‘The Charm of Hume’s Treatise: Husserl and Deleuze on Hume’s Transcendental Empiricism’. It will be free and all are welcome. The location is Dalhousie 2F14, the event starts at 4PM and will finish in 6PM, full details will be added soon.

We will be wrapping up the month with a Q&A and a presentation with UK Ambassador to Libya. On the 31st from 1:30PM until 3PM, we will have the once in a lifetime opportunity to talk with Frank Baker, the current serving UK Ambassador to Libya. This will be a truly great experience for everyone who is looking towards working globally in any sector or industry. Keep in mind that there will be no admittance after 13:40 so be careful not to be late! The location is in the Accountancy Lecture Theatre in the School of Business.

With such great events, we will surely have a fun month! Don’t forget to check out DUSA’s events, which will finish with our grand Halloween party on the 31st. Buy your tickets fast because they will surely sell out! This was just a small part of all the event the University hosts this month. For a full list go to the Events page. I hope you find these activities to be fun and engaging. Have fun!

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