Phenomenon V&A

Dundee recently gained a world-class museum of design. Exciting times! Tons of news articles and press releases, it was hard to miss the news of the first Victoria and Albert museum opening outside London. But what does it mean to us, UoD students?

1) It is an amazing structure, a new landmark of the city.

The museum is designed by Kengo Kuma. It’s his first building in the UK. Its addition to Dundee extended the list of Scottish modern architecture icons, such as the Zaha Hadid’s Riverside Museum, and the Sir Duncan Rice Library by the Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects.

Even before its competition, the dark, twisted concrete walls were stunning to look at.

Now finished…

2) It is really cool place to hang out.

There are two cafes, and plenty of hidden corners to sit back, relax and have a chat.

3) It is a great source of inspiration

Well, it is a museum of design – of course they have some interesting stuff on display. What’s also sweet, it is free to enter the permanent collection. And if you’d be keen to see the temporary show, UoD students can enjoy 20% discount on those tickets, and on membership, given the fact that the University of Dundee is a Foundation Partner.

See what’s on for a list of shows and events.

The exhibitions are clear; but again, the building itself is inspiring inside…

…and out

The museum attracted over 100,000 visitors since its opening in mid-September, which speaks for itself.

It also brings me to the fact, that…

4) It makes a valuable contribution to Dundee’s economy

Many visitors will get a coffee, visit the rest of the city, shop around… which means more local jobs and more money. Simple as that.

Exciting, indeed.

Tip: If you are into architecture, stop by the Frank Gehry’s Maggie’s Centre as well. It is up at the Ninewells (less than 10 mins from the main campus by a bus #5), and it received the 2004 “Building of the Year” award by the Royal Fine Art Commission for Scotland.

For more in-depth article about ties between the University of Dundee and the V&A, click here. And if you liked my pics above, you might enjoy more of them.
Thanks for reading!