Reading Week

I’m lucky as a humanities student that I get a reading week to catch up on any reading or work that I might have got behind on. But I can’t believe it’s already almost over!

If you’re unsure what a reading week is, it’s basically a week of little to no classes where you can do your own independent study to catch up, chill out, or even go home! It’s also a perfect opportunity to visit new places you might not usually have time to during the working week, such as those mentioned in my previous blog post. For the past two years I’ve stayed in Dundee for my reading week, and used it as an excuse to relax and maybe do a little work.

The most annoying part for me is that reading week always seems to late or early, it’s never at the time when you actually have loads of work to catch up on. In about two-three weeks I’ll have three pieces of coursework due at the same time which will be the ultimate challenge to get done – why isn’t reading week then?! Anyway, reading week is actually quite well placed in the middle of first semester for me, so I can say I’m halfway through my second year’s first semester, which is crazy!

What did I actually do this reading week, I hear you ask? Well, it totally flew over if I’m honest. I handed in an essay a week early which was definitely my big win for the week, but other than that I’ve had a lovely time relaxing. I went to the V&A for the first time which was definitely well anticipated. I enjoyed it and I think it’s got amazing potential, but I wouldn’t recommend going in the school holidays (it was very, very busy). I also ate out at Rancho Pancho, a Mexican restaurant, for the first time which was incredible! I’m such a foodie and being a student its really difficult to get out and try new foods and eateries due to the lack of money, but this was an amazing treat and I loved it! I fully recommend it, especially the chicken enchiladas and the churros – my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

I’ve had a lovely week and I hope everyone who has had a reading week enjoyed theirs too! Now for the second half of first semester…

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