Eating Vegan in Dundee: The Ultimate Guide

You know what’s great about living in a student city? The city centre keeps up with all the trends. And even though you might be a long-standing vegan like me, we gotta admit that veganism is trendy right now! Which means that Dundee, has turned into a vegan heaven. 

So I’ve decided to list the best vegan restaurants in Dundee, with some snappy hints on what exactly you should get when you go. 

Ps. All these places are also carnivore friendly, so I’ve got your non-vegan friends and family covered too! 


Blend Coffee Lounge – My favourite thing about this place is that it’s super affordable. Avocado toast and vegan bacon baps that will rule your world without breaking your wallet. Plus the atmospheric coziness of this place will have you taking an instagram story in no time! 

The Bach – I went to this place just the other day, and LET ME TELL YOU – this is, in my opinion the best vegan breakfast you’ll find in Dundee. I had a vegan potato scramble with tempeh – probably the most explosive vegan dish I’ve had in a long time. The great thing is that these guys change their menus regularly and it ALWAYS includes a fun vegan option, not just avocado toast or oats (sorry avo, I love you really). 


Bird and Bear – This is one of the hippest places in Dundee (you know, the ones you see all over your friends’ stories?), and luckily, it does delicious vegan food and cocktails. For lunch, there’s not only a great vibe but so many fun varieties like vegan curries, salads and burgers. Yum. 

The Flame Tree Café – This place is a dream. The Flame Tree has a full and separate vegan lunch menu, including fajitas and paninis, with vegan cheese, vegan haggis or vegan bacon. Need I say more?


The Italian Grill – this is a Dundee classic; the kind of place we’ve been going since our first year till this day. When I went vegan, the Italian Grill didn’t do vegan food, but they have now introduced vegan cheese and other dairy substitutes. And guess what? This is the place you can get the best vegan pizza in Dundee. It doesn’t say vegan cheese on the menu – just be sure to ask your waiter. You’re welcome. 

Más – I know, Mexican food, again?! Yes. This is however, a very different level of vegan heaven. Imagine going to a Mexican restaurant with your friends and getting a full menu of vegan goodies, such as fajitas, burritos and much more, all made with fresh produce and delicious melty vegan cheese? Combine this with amazing drinks and authentic beers and you end up with the vegan night of your life. Here’s my main tip – try the drunken beans. I have no words. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this wee guide to the Vegan side of Dundee – let me know if you want more content/tips on how to be vegan while studying in Dundee! 

PS. If you end up in a place where the menu doesn’t say vegan? Ask. People in Dundee are some of the friendliest in the world (ok, I might not have factual proof, but trust me, they are out-of-this-world type nice), and any restaurant will try to accommodate you if they can. 

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