A Typical Day

I would love to say my day takes a typical pattern, but that would be grossly misleading. I’m very much lead by how I feel and that’s good and bad; good because I’m generally quite happy in my day to day life and bad because sometimes it’s necessary to do the things you want to do the least – like laundry. In order to find a balance, I have experimented to find the optimum conditions for doing the things I like the least and fitting other around that.

This is not a typical day -because there is none- but this is a realistic standard of a day that I would call ‘good’:

08:00 GMT

I wake up after 8-9 hours of good quality sleep and not waking up for a midnight snack. At this point I will get out of bed, make my bed and put on Spotify’s ‘Good Morning Jazz’– something about this playlist really relaxes me and sets me up for a productive day. I put my phone and watch to charge and go on to have breakfast while reading an article from ‘BBC Focus’ – my favourite magazine. I hop into the shower and thus my day really beings.




10:00 GMT

I’m in the Library Postgraduate Suite – thanks to my staff card from the centre! I find that at the beginning of a study session, I will usually procrastinate with e-mail and creating a very intricate to-do list. I decided this was not going to be the case anymore and started using Forest, an app on my phone where I set a focus timer and a tree grows while I study.



13:00 GMT

I love the gym. It’s the place where I have productive breaks. After a few hours of studying or class, I reach a point where I am no longer as productive, so I need to pack up and often times the gym is what I need to get me reinvigorated. I have four gym sessions a week often with a cardio session incorporated.


 15:00 GMT

I have found for optimum performance, I need to eat every 4/5 hours and usually snack in-between. After the gym, I’m really hungry and it’s also time to eat. I try to limit cooking and eating times to an hour. I do this by pre-marinating my meat, heating up frozen vegetables and grilling pre-sliced and pre-seasoned sweet potatoes – or heating up a bag of microwave rice. I keep track of my macros and micros using Lifesum.





 16:00 GMT

It’s time to start setting up for the Enterprise Challenge. I manage the event and supervise the workshop facilitators – making sure everything goes to plan!


20:00 GMT

I’m knackered. If I have a lot of work to do, I might just stay in the office with one of my colleagues for an hour or so. If not, I go home, make some dinner and treat myself to some well-deserved Netflix and Halotop.  







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Hi, I'm a Nigerian 3rd Year Mechanical Engineering student. This year I have engrossed myself in so many different aspects of uni life. I hope you enjoy reading and watching my candid opinion of life at the University of Dundee.

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