Exam Season

For a student, semester one changes from Summer to Exam Session. It is easy to spot, dark cold and wet, the only thing keeping you in the library. The semester is beginning to wind up and student flood to the library, in the hopes of warmth under the pretense of studying.
In my third year, I have four exams this Christmas something that makes me feel queasy to think about. Having not spent as much time studying over the semesters as I probably should have this time is becoming increasingly more precious.

I like to study at home, where I got a nice big desk for my room – the perks of rental, however, there can be too many distractions if my heart is not in it. I also study at work, in the Centre of Entrepreneurship if I can find a free desk. Something which I have been taking full advantage of. Lastly there the University of Dundee library, which can be a great place to study allow I can get very peckish when studying if I don’t bring adequate snacks. My favorites change however at the minute it must be fresh watermelon or jelly babies.

If I am taking a revision break for lunch with a friend I will often take advantage of Dundee’s local deals. Either a £5 pizza from Mozza or free milkshake from the Boozy cow if I have submitted an essay! Dundee has everything to offer even during the worst period for students!

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Hi, I'm a Fourth Civil Engineering student and the marketing officer at the Centre for Entrepreneurship. I hope you enjoy reading my blog about studying at the University of Dundee.

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