Guilt Free Revision Breaks

Have you been in the library lately? From 10am til 5pm it is chocker block full of all of us revising for the upcoming exams, or finishing pieces of coursework. Some people are stressed, others anxious. Some people don’t even get stressed! But one thing we all have in common is that our minds, and bodies, need breaks from hours of work.


So to stop you ending up like this (<) take my advice and give yourself a few little guilt free study breaks.



  1. Whilst there is still those 3-4 hours of daylight left in these Scottish winter days, GET OUTSIDE! Okay fair enough if it is chucking it down with rain, blowing a gale or there is another beast from the east then maybe don’t venture outside. But, and believe me as a native Scot who has lived here for the last 21 years I know what I’m talking about, the sun does still shine sometimes!

Take a walk around campus. There are some beautiful spots to sit in and just take a moment.








With the leaves still turning on certain trees, the beautiful autumn colours make for a wonderful change from the library’s white walls. 



2. Go for a hot beverage with your friends. With the weather getting colder, what better way to take a break than a forty-five minute to an hour coffee or tea break. Gives your mind a break, you can get out the library and change your scenery as well as getting in a little catch up with your friends. All equally important things. With so many places along Perth Road and into town to choose from, you don’t need to go far or be away for long from your studies.







3. If maybe you’re too stressed to leave the library but still need that mental break and change of place, head on up to Beach Club

Located on the first floor at the back of the quiet study (which turns into silent for the exam season by the way)

Beach club is a great place to go just to take 10 or 20 minutes to relax. Located right next to the boiling water tap, its the perfect location to sit and enjoy your tea or coffee.







There’s no logic to powering through if your brain isn’t ready to take anything in. So take my advice and give yourself those well deserved breaks. It’ll result in much more productive studying. 

Written by:

3rd year forensic anthropology student who enjoys reading good words and attempts to type some too.
I am passionate about our planet and saving it, tea, my friends and family and food.
Hoping to help you to navigate university life anyway I can.

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