How to make your ‘uni room’ more homely

Moving to University can be an exciting time, filled with great new opportunities and experiences. However, if you are coming from a distance working out what to bring can be challenging as it may be a while before you return home. For me, I am from Northern Ireland and I go home one to two times a year due to work, university and work!

For this reason, I have tried to make my room as homely as possible. This can seem like a daunting task, being given a blank canvas, a low budget and you may not be in that room for more than a year. For this reason, I try to buy items I can easily transport like picture frames, tapestries and plants. If you are lucky you will get a couple in fresher’s week! This year I picked up a cactus. However, Tesco’s and other local shops have a range of houseplants too!

As an avid traveler, I like to place small mementos of my traveling in my room such as my tapestry and photos from various adventures! Taking full advantage of the iSnaps in Tesco. As I got home I like to bring a couple more with me each time. I have a motorcycle helmet from Vietnam I intend to bring back at Christmas!

I have also invested in a large mirror and desk for my rented flat which I picked up for a bargain on the Facebook marketplace. This has created a brighter room with a large area to study. If it’s miserable outside I don’t need to trek to the library! I splashed out on a comfortable chair on Amazon which has created the perfect study space for me.

Lighting is extremely important, having more than one lamp can create a much more ambient light, which is easier to study in and more enjoyable to live in! A few extension cables can be handy!

Finally, where would a student room be without a set of fairy lights? You can get various sets however idea offers several types of battery powered sets which can be handy if you don’t have lots of sockets in your room.

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Hi, I'm a third Year Civil Engineering student. I hope you enjoy reading my blog about life at the University of Dundee.

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