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It’s possible, no matter what year group you are in, that you have had an email sent, or a leaflet through the door, asking you to decide where to live next year. The experienced students know that these messages usually come in before the Christmas holidays and there is usually a mad dash to get things sorted. My first piece of advice, is to take a breath and take a moment. As much as the estate agents advertise “high demand”, there are always places available, so don’t feel as if you need to rush into an agreement you are not 100% sure on. Then when it comes to deciding, some might find it useful to know about agencies that are highly recommended for students and the ones that aren’t as well liked. Below are honest statements from current students at UoD on who they have experienced and agencies they would recommend to you.

First of all, as much as we would love for every agency to be wonderful, it’s just not true or realistic, so let me begin with some of the negative experiences, so we can end this post on a high note.

There are two agencies in Dundee that I have found to be strongly not recommended. These two are Rockford and Letmeuk.

One student’s experience with Rockford during her third year of university was:

“Rockford left us with a mouldy room for a year that was unusable, unproperly fitted windows with no curtain to keep some heat in, and a leaking roof, which throughout the year leaked constantly. We reported the problems often, but could never be put in touch with our property manager and mostly nothing got fixed. At the end of the tenancy they then charged us £300 cleaning and fixing fee despite the fact we had complained about the broken house since the day we moved in. Would not go back there ever. Only positive I can think of is they allow pets.”

Another student, studying in their fourth year now, who rented with Letmeuk said:

“Letmeuk was slow to answer emails, would forget to tells us that workmen were coming around, gave us very little time to prepare for showings and some problems never got fixed the whole year despite many emails from us asking for them to be fixed.”

The last thing you need as a student, when you’re busy with classes and work, is the added stress of having a home that is cold, or falling apart. Because I personally know the stress this can cause, it is my opinion that based on reviews like the two above, I would not recommend either agencies to rent from.

However, on the positive side, there are many estate agents in Dundee that I have found to be highly recommendable, especially for students. The two agencies that come out on top, out of all the people I have spoken to, have been easylets and Finlayson Gore.

Personally myself, I have been with easylets for the last two properties and intend to stay with them for my final year of uni. Whilst no one is perfect, it helps with estate agents to know how to deal with them, they are pretty great at understanding my flatmate and I’s needs as students and have always been very good at getting issues fixed. Sometimes you do need to chase them a little, but once they understand your urgencies they are often speedy to fix the problem. This year alone they have completely replaced our oven, after their gas engineers could not work out why it was not working properly, put up curtain rails in our lounge and one bedroom for us to hang insulating curtains on and fixed any little issues within the property that were required.

Another students comment on easylets are very similar to my own:

“Easylets have been quick and efficient but chasing them up is always a good idea just to make sure it gets done speedily. Really efficient staff and friendly.”

Finlayson Gore have also been recommended for their efficiency and good work ethos, with one student commenting:

“Finlayson & Gore have been quick to answer emails and get stuff sorted to happen the next day and often follow up with emails explaining what is going on.”

Hopefully for any of you trying to make the big move decision these recommendations and pieces of advice have helped. Good luck!


Written by:

3rd year forensic anthropology student who enjoys reading good words and attempts to type some too.
I am passionate about our planet and saving it, tea, my friends and family and food.
Hoping to help you to navigate university life anyway I can.

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