Ho! Ho! Ho! The Holidays are here! (almost)

  • 9 December 2018, 10:06

I am sure, for most of us either we are done or almost done with our exams. First of all, good job! Hope you are kicking back and sipping that hot chocolate that you so rightfully deserve. But for those, who have yet to finish your tests….I am sorry but this post is may not be relevant just yet.

Now that exams are over and semester 1 is almost over for many of us, we need to think of some things before we truly let go of all responsibilities and enjoy the winter break in the comfort of home cooked food and family. Here are some things to take note of or just some things to start thinking about if you have yet to do so:


  • Finding that house

Well, this is one of the more important points I am gonna discuss in this post. Student housing in Dundee is common but the good ones – not so much. Which means, its first come first serve for many of these places. There are plenty of places and options available in finding the place you want for the next academic year and the refreshers fair organized by DUSA is a great place to start looking for them. But it is also wise do some research or some enquiries before the fair (beat the crowd). Many letting agents would have already posted all available listings either at the stores or website and they are only a call or email away from you. I strongly recommend you try to have look through and find that place!

Talking about finding a place, that brings to my next point of finding flat mates! One thing that many don’t know, and I may have been one of them, is that your best mate may not be your best flat-mate. This may not apply to some but definitely something to think about. Find someone who fits well with your way if living. If you are person who prefers the flat to be neat and tidy, then then don’t live with someone whom you know will be untidy. These small differences have the power to break friendships and over the years I have unfortunately seen many of these incidents amongst my friends. Talk about these things before signing that contract, it will be a yearlong commitment – it’s okay to think about it!


  • Catching up

This may not be on your mind right now, given you had just finished your exams….but its always good to start early when it comes to exams. I am sure, you would have left out certain stuff from your revision for the most recent examinations – have a look over them. Try to really understand difficult concepts which otherwise you would have just memorized not thinking twice about it. I know, studying will be your last priority especially during the holiday season but like I said, it is good to always keep that brain sharp just so that when you are back on the 14th Jan for your next semester you have not fallen back.

Keeping yourself informed about what you have already covered in the previous semester can really help you understand the new things they will be teaching you in the coming semester. If going through lectures is not your thing, you can always grab a textbook or a book related to your course (or any other book for that matter) just so that you are keeping your mind sharp and ready for the next semester


  • Helping someone in need

The holiday season for many of us is something we look forward to and can not wait to open those presents and feast like kings. But for some in the community, it may not the case. As such, I ask you to think about this as well and encourage you to help in some way to make another family’s Christmas better. It can be as easy as donating food items to your nearest food bank or donating clothes and food to your nearest shelter or religious institution. You can always donate money to the many charities who run great programmes during this period. Most important of all, with all this free time you now have, see if you can volunteer at some of these places. I am sure these organization will welcome the extra hand.


  • Sorting things out

Next up, sorting things. This can refer to both your physical and emotional things. It is always good to make sure you clear up any things you had told yourself that you will get to but have yet to do that. For me, its my closet. After weeks of me just dumping my clothes in it, I take this time to go through it and arrange them in a nice and presentable method. It is also a great opportunity to pick out stuff you have not worn in sometime to either donate or pass it on to someone who might cherish it more than you.

To add on to that, it is also very important to start thinking about any issues you might have with people. It is almost the end of 2018 and why begin 2019 with problems from this year. I am a person who strongly believes in forgiving and forgetting issues which have been around for quite some time and the hostility isn’t benefiting anyone. It is far easier to say sorry then to carry the hatred against someone, so please think about it and hopefully you consider fixing some of the issues bothering you!


  • Having fun!

Finally! It has been a tough year, no doubt! And I am sure the recent exams have had their toll on you as well. Sit back, relax and enjoy the coming winter break. I know I will be! Enjoy these moments that you spend with your family and loves ones as these are the times you will be remembering in times to come not the countless hours of lectures or lab sessions. And more importantly, be safe while you have fun!




Happy holidays and Happy new year guys!

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Hey Guys! I am Navin and I am from Singapore! I loved every minute of last year, and I hope I will the next 4! Join me to read about my adventures and journeys this year ,hopefully, as I travel!

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