University Christmas Dinner

There is one day left, you’ve got this!

If you have finished your exams, congratulations, hopefullly they went well and you are enjoying the start of your holidays. If you still have work due in, or an exam today, Good Luck! No matter when you finish, it is always a nice idea to celebrate with your friends that’s you got through the semester, and one thing that is great about this semester ending at Christmas is all the amazing food out right now! I love to cook, but for my group of friends, I knew it wouldn’t be possible to feed them all on a good budget, so we had ourselves a merry pot-luck!


For anyone who does not know what a pot-luck is, the idea of the evening is for everyone to bring a dish that they have either cooked themselves or bought and it is all shared together at someone’s house.

To organise the 14 of us, we set up a facebook private event, and gave everyone a course to bring a dish for; main course, side dish, pudding or drinks (alcohol and non-alcoholic). This way there was plenty of each for people to have.

We hosted it at my flat mate and I’s place, and it was wonderful. We had plenty of space for people to sit around on the floor, and plenty of cooking equipment to heat anything up that was required. The drinks flowed, the chat was jolly, and the food was delicious! Plates were packed high and cleaned of all food.



For us students, its the perfect way to eat loads of amazing food but for a good price! If budget is a problem, a good idea is to set a spending limit per dish, and watch people get creative with their dish choices.

No matter what you celebrate around Christmas time, and whether or not you have finished all the work you have, its important to celebrate, and take the time to hang out with your friends. University can be very hard, and taking the time to just be merry is vital to keep yourself in good health mentally.

Whatever you’re doing with your holidays, enjoy and have fun!

Written by:

3rd year forensic anthropology student who enjoys reading good words and attempts to type some too.
I am passionate about our planet and saving it, tea, my friends and family and food.
Hoping to help you to navigate university life anyway I can.

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