The Sole Ranger

A hallow feeling that echoes as two solemn eyes stare out into the grey nights. It comes in waves, creeping and slithering through life. Enveloping every bone, striking to the core of our soul and devouring the dancing lights of festivities. Everyone experiences it; everyone sees it, however sometimes we fail to acknowledge it. Especially during Christmas.

Engulfed in feelings of merriment, it is so easy to forget about that sole ranger with those downcast eyes and tight smiles. That care-child or the young adult living too far from home.
A student with a mitigated circumstance or a kindred spirit that is plagued from memories of the past.
A single reason that has ripped the last joy out of the Holiday festivities.

It is so easy to walk past, to hide behind laughter and to drift into a euphoric cloud.
Believe me, so do I.
I absolutely adore Christmas. It is a time of joy and happiness. Of family and love. Of tradition and simplicity. A moment of pure bliss I never want to pass.
Gazing at a tree ablaze with candle-lights and hand-made ornaments, while listening to the tunes of Elvis and Mariah. My heart nearly explodes with the overwhelming measures of gratitude and warmth that radiate through this magical time of year.

So yes. I too am guilty of walking past. My face lifted to the sky and my eyes glistening with the first touch of fallen snow. I too forget. Forget about that Sole ranger, that forgotten child or that hardship-plagued individual. Choose to disregard the lingering presence of loneliness during this time of year.

What if we don’t?
What if we walk past and choose to smile into those somber faces. Gift them with love and reassurance. Suggest that they contact Counseling or the Student Union. Email a student ambassador or residency to call attention to the situation.
An invite to a Christmas dinner, a text and a phone-call. So much can help battle loneliness. All we have to do is take action and spread love and festivity to reach even the darkest corners of student life.
Let’s bring Christmas to everyone.

It only takes one smile at a time.

Written by:

Hi! My name is Annabelle and I am a second year Psychology- Economics Student. I am not for long descriptive paragraphs so just quick and easy: I am passionate about moving individuals with a simple string of words. The blog has given me a platform to do so.

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