Off to a Good One!

New year, new semester, new me?When Google Maps sent me a “Look back” email a few days ago, it got me thinking. According to that email, I spent 453 hours walking in 2018 – that equals some steps in distance, but it got me reflecting about steps in life instead.

Me graduating from high school, selling everything to move to the US, getting a degree, working… all of which opened new doors I didn’t even know about. Then, difficulties forced me to move across a few different countries and eventually I settled in Scotland, where I went back to school. New experiences, new doors to open.

I learned loads of things. Like, how to move TV image by a hand, for instance.

I visited places I never thought of. Like this posh bar in the heart of Shanghai.

I started playing with synths, making some crazy noises.

…and last Monday, I handed in the longest academic writing I have ever done.

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A lot of excitement in these pages.

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What a blast. But here we go, I will finish my last semester of this course in a few months.

I don’t do New Year resolutions. If someone wants to change, there’s no need to wait for the calendar. However, there are definitely some changes for me coming this year. Let’s make them worthy.

Off to a good one.

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