Week 1 – Let’s Get Organised

We’re back! Christmas is over, the New Year doesn’t feel so new anymore. It’s time to get organised for the semester before it’s too late! And week one is a perfect time to do it, with less work than any other time in the semester we’ve got plenty of free time to get ourselves sorted!

If you’ve ever struggled with time management around deadlines or simply keeping up with reading and preparation you have to do for classes, I’ve got some tips for the start of the semester which should cure at least some of these issues!

Firstly, start the semester off in control by printing any module guides and highlighting any important dates or information. If you’ve got a preferred calendar, i.e. a physical one on your wall or the one on your phone, even put deadlines on there to make sure you won’t forget about them. This way, you’ll be able to see well in advance when all your assignments are due in and when certain things have to be read, written, or prepared. As well as this, you’ll have a printed copy you can very easily look at whenever you need to, instead of having to open your laptop and go to the website and click on the link and wait for it to load and … you get the idea.

Next, linked to the previous idea, figure out a filing system that works for you. For example, I have one folder that I take into uni every day. In that, I have a plastic wallet for each module I take, and in each of them I put all the notes and handouts relevant to each module. This works for me, but it might not work for you, so you should really test out some different ways of filing notes and handouts etc. until you figure out what works best for you. Some people, for example, don’t keep any physical notes, and type up everything and store it on a memory stick. As long as you know where everything is, you’ll feel much more organised.

Now this one sounds a bit random, but, in order to have an organised mind and an organised life, you kind of have to have an organised bedroom (sorry). Tidying your room up and, importantly, giving everything, everything, a home really keeps you on top of things. As well as this, when your room does inevitably get a bit messy around deadlines or even just around a time when you’re feeling particularly lazy or messy, as soon as you get that motivation to tidy up you’ll know where everything belongs so tidying won’t take anywhere near as long!

My last tip is to keep on top of these things as often as you can! Keep printing any relevant information to make sure you keep on top of everything that’s going on in your modules! Make sure your system still works for you, and if it doesn’t, change it! And try your best to keep a tidy room and a tidy mind.

I hope these tips work for you, and help you feel more confident and comfortable for the rest of the semester!

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