Ambivalent Twenties

I moved several times as a child. Not because my parents are ambassadors on a mission to change the world. Up until I graduated from high school I had little stability in my life. Which had advantages, don’t get me wrong. I have plenty of anecdotes to tell my friends at parties. 

Coming to the university gave me something I didn’t know I craved – stability. Even though every year of my degree I was mixed with a bunch of new people, some friends became more-less a constant, an anchor. Having lived in Dundee for almost three years, I can say I feel grounded. I know where you can get a good cup of coffee, where to shop for organic produce, where I can find bread that has a flavour and which way to go when I’m anxious and need to stare at nature for a bit. 

The twenties is a time of searching for yourself and seeking what you genuinely want. As someone said, it’s a ‘constant tug of war, between freedom and security, love and independence’.

Even though I’m in my early twenties, I can tell you that for the past few years I’ve come to understand a few things. Changing your mind is okay. To say one day that you want to eat a pepperoni pizza and preach to your friends about the benefits of eating clean the next. Yes, you might come off as a bit of a hypocrite but aren’t we all? It’s okay to want opposing things. Like getting an A from an essay and binging the entire season of Brooklyn 99 in 24 hours just before said piece is due. 

Explore what it is that you want and readjust the course you’re on to achieve it. 

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