Having fun while learning is the key to enjoy Uni. And one easy way to connect the two is through one of ~ 200 societies the University of Dundee offers. Photography society, for instance, accompanies their lectures with trips to provide picture-taking opportunities for its members. One of the trips took place last Saturday, when we headed up to Glen Cova, a picturesque southern tip of the Cairngorms national park. But before getting there, we made a stop to climb Tulloch Hill on our way.

It was a rainy day, which caused the woods at the foot of the hill to have a dreamy feel. This was enhanced at the summit, as it is topped with a tower from 1901, the Airlie Monument.

While the tower is not open to the public, it is still a neat place to visit.

The hill usually offers nice views on landscapes around, but the weather that day limited our visibility to the surrounding forests only. Being keen to see more than that, we continued to Glen Cova.

In the meantime, the rain beefed up, so we stopped by a local visitor centre, where we learned about different flora and fauna to be found in this area. Then we entered a nicely graded path through another atmospheric woods..

…that took us to the Corrie Fee, which is said to be one of the finest examples of a cirque in the UK.

No matter the rain, it was worth the hike. After lunch, we went back to Dundee.
But similarly to our way out, we made one diversion.

A short walk along the river Isla revealed an impressive waterfall, Reekie Linn.

Another place to put the theory to practice, deepen our confidence with cameras while being surrounded with the beauty Scotland has in store.

Fun stuff!

If you are interested in societies, find out more at the Dundee University Students’ Association website. To keep updated about the photography society events, follow their Facebook. Thanks for reading!

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