Tay’s Tributaries

The river Tay, on which Dundee is based, has the largest discharge in the UK. It is fueled by streams all over the lower region of the Highlands, and thanks to the local landscapes, they often have some nice waterfalls on their way. Waterfalls are great to try out techniques like long exposure in practice, and so when I planned another hands-on photography trip for the Uni’s Photo Society last weekend, this was an easy choice.

At the time of our departure, Dundee was, for once, submerged in fog. But as we drove west, the haze declined. By the time we passed Dunkeld, it was nearly clear. Our first stop was the Hermitage, to see the Black Linn Falls:

Further upstream are Braan Falls:

Winter is the best time to visit this spot, as no leaves are obscuring the view. After a short break, we moved to Aberfeldy, where we walked through the town centre and made another stop…

cakes make life better.

Recharged, we walked to another goal of the day, the nearby placed Birks of Aberfeldy – a ravine with loads of other picturesque falls:

…and to make matters even better, we scored neat views on the surrounding hills as a bonus.

Good times!

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thanks for reading.

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