Mental Hygiene

As the deadlines for the spring semester loom upon students, it can be challenging to stay cheerful at all times. Yesterday was the University Mental Health Day, which helped a bit. Here’s what I was up to.

I won’t be lying; the last few months are a bit of a struggle for me. Basically, during the daytime, I try to stay on track of my course and jobs, and then I spend often sleepless nights researching chances, counting pros and cons and trying to get my head around that I’ll be graduating shortly. The thing is, graduating in the time when there’s not a person across the whole country confident on what the future holds in store in terms of local markets and funding opportunities, due to that magic date of 29 March 2019; well, it isn’t entirely optimistic. Last weekend I dislocated my shoulder, that didn’t help either. But anyway. Yesterday.

In between lectures, I gave a tour of the university campus to visitors from NY, which was nice. Every time I have a chance to talk with someone from the US, it reminds me of the good times I had while living there. And doing it while introducing the Dundee University’s facilities and values that I relate with, that’s a win-win. It was after the tour I learned that there’s the Uni Mental Health Day – The university organized a “good mood lunch,” free of charge for students. Soups, rolls, mackerel plate and fruit, that would make any day better. What’s good on these events is, it brings students from different departments together and encourages discussions that wouldn’t happen otherwise. I met a friend there that I haven’t seen in ages – another plus. The event then continued with a film screening, but I had to run to another lecture. Then I attended an interactive workshop for the photography society, where we chatted about the ethics of photo editing and other related topics, and our members signed for another hands-on trip we organized for this weekend. I’ll likely write a post about that, stay tuned. The daylight was gone by that time, and I went to sort daily dose of emails and to organize my schedule for the next week. By the end of it, my head was buzzing, and I needed to relax a bit. Thankfully, there’s an activity I know that do the trick for me: playing with synths. So that’s how I ended the day:

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