About Societies, how they help international students and a great new event

As an international student, I can sometimes feel detached from my own culture, while being abroad and that is where the different cultural and national societies help a lot. During these few months I’ve been in Dundee, I never felt alone in another, unknown country, exactly because I have these international societies to help with that.

I feel like these societies help us, international students, feel represented within the university and help bridge that cultural gap that happens when so many different people from different cultures meet. They unite us and create a comfortable place for everyone to experience a different culture, feel at home or just have a laugh with someone. This is an incredibly important part of the university experience and helps provide that bit of extra support for the students when deadlines, exams and everything else happens.

These societies, including the Bulgarian Society, the International Society and many others, have now decided to make one big event where every international student can feel at home, while simultaneously showing their own culture and meeting new people from around the world. That is the Balkan Night on the 21st of March.

It will be a great event where people can enjoy live performances of Bulgarian, Greek and Macedonian songs, folklore dancers and a guest DJ to finish the night. Specially for this event, Tedi Eroteeva, a singer from Bulgaria will come so we can all experience the great cultural diversity of the Balkans.

She is a Bulgarian folklore singer with a passion to keep the Bulgarian folklore culture alive. She started singing at a very young age and continued doing so even when studying Pharmacology. Her first album released in 2017 with her own songs, which she also wrote and composed.

The organizers have worked extremely hard to make this event and bridge the gap between the international societies and students and show something unique to the audience. Furthermore, it is a great way for people from other countries to experience and taste the great spirit of the Balkans and have a fun night meeting new people from all over the world.

The event will be in Mono and will start at 9PM. The tickets start at 4 pounds for a normal one and 8 for a VIP one, which includes a CD to the first album of Tedi Eroteeva, together with a signature and a special gift to remember the event. They are already on sale on Eventbrite and a stall in DUSA will be available if anyone has questions about the event.

It promises to be a great event with hundreds of people already interested in the event. Be sure to check the Event page on Facebook and follow the societies. I will be there for sure and I hope to see lots of you there as well. Be sure to get your ticket as early as possible so you won’t have to wait in a queue on the event night to buy them. All proceeds will go towards a charity.

Have fun, I hope to see you there and never forget that you are not alone and there are people there to help you in tough moments.


Bulgarian Society

International Student Society

Hispanic Society

Saudi Society Dundee University

Francophone Society

Nordic Society

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    2 Responses to “About Societies, how they help international students and a great new event”

    1. Malcolm Poulton

      Congratulations on the article and good luck with the evening-it sounds terrific. My daughter 17 is thinking of Dundee University. It all sounded wonderful but after further trawling around the internet I find there is more than the average number of “neds”, junkies and street crime in Dundee. Is this all exaggerated? We live in Palermo and most people would say the same about our city but I’ve lived here for 26years and so far nothing really. I would value your opinion. Best wishes Malcolm

      • Kristian Kostov

        Hello, Malcolm!

        Thank you for your great comment!

        Firstly, congratulations on your daughter’s choice! Dundee Uni is a magnificent place and we would be thrilled to have her with us!

        Before I came here, I too heard about such rumours, which did make me think a bit about my choice, however, once I was here I found that they simply were not true. I have not experienced any crime, and neither have the people I know. On the topic of drugs and addicts, while this is an issue all around the world, I do believe that the way the Scottish police are tackling it is great. I have not seen anyone use drugs. There is always police that is patrolling around the city and the Union, which is the university’s student union and night club, is the safest in the city. Anyone caught with such substances is banned for life and reported to the authorities. There is also at least one police patrol on site when events are happening. I have never felt unsafe, either in the Union, or when walking around the city, and I have had my fair share of midnight walks. 🙂

        I do believe the rumours are exaggerated and I wish all the luck to you and your daughter with the application process. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask them.

        Have a nice day!

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