Mid semester breaks

If you are like me, you live to travel and experience another culture. A cultural vulture! Combine this with a love of sun and a hatred for British winter and spring you will find yourself like me constantly looking at Skyscanner trying to find the best deal.

While I am currently a student and working at the University too it makes it hard to travel. This is why for me it is essential to be on top of my work and work hard during the week. For this reason, very often I leave for class at 9 and come home around 8 as I have been studying or working during the week. When I come home I have dinner then head to the gym or an event with friends. I am kept busy. However, this means that I can try to keep my weekends as free as possible. This means I am free to explore Europe, with my latest deal being £60 return flights to Estonia and an apartment for £40 having used my club card vouchers to gain a discount! A very cheap trip! Although my personal favorite is Madrid (Spain).

Having got several friends in Spain I get to travel around this incredible country and visit local restaurants bars and places which give a different impression of Spain, along with a reduced cost. Some of the more. Touristy regions are increasingly expensive.

The reason I love Spain so much is the reliability of good weather and good food. With so many different types of seafood, red meat and an endless variety of delicious wines… What’s not to love.

The good weather means it is a great short break, this is amazing and can help improve mid-semester blues! Although getting back from the plane in Britain can be quite sad. As you come to the aircraft door and the cold air hits you and the raindrops onto your head.

Now that I’m back, I find I’m so much more focused on my studies and my coursework, my mini break has refreshed my head and prepared me for the new week.

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Hi, I'm a Fourth Civil Engineering student and the marketing officer at the Centre for Entrepreneurship. I hope you enjoy reading my blog about studying at the University of Dundee.

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    1. I recently went on a cheap trip to Estonia and it was great! Excellent flights direct from Edinburgh to Tallinn. It was so cold though! I’ll have to make Madrid my next trip. 🙂

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