Work Hard, Relax Hard

It seems like a pattern – the more work you do, the more you need to take care of yourself. Kind of like rechargeable batteries, I guess. At the end of a productive day, I often find myself in a could-be-awful state when my mind is too exhausted to get any more to-do things done, but my body is not tired enough to fall asleep yet. There are many ways on how to deal with this; some play videogames, some get stuck to whatever TV show is trendy at this time, but these options leave me with my head buzzing even more than before, so I try to stay away from these. There are; however, other activities that works for me. One is to play with synths, another is to take a spin on my bike – which is what I did the other day when I finished while there was still some daylight left. I went to the Tentsmuir..

Cycling across the Tay Bridge is therapeutic on its own.

It is not rare to score the bridge empty, so you can yell out all your thoughts on any worries-causing people and events that might be in your head. No judgement. Then, a cycling path takes you by two cool lighthouses…

…into Tayport. The path has loads of speed bumps, which can be used as ramps to get a little air on the go. It is entertaining, and a good workout as well.

Once you pass the local harbour, it takes no time and, you get into Tentsmuir – which is like a massive playground of paths and obstacles, all warped in visually pleasing package. And before you know, it is getting dark, cold, and you are covered in mud beyond recognition. It is time to pedal back to Dundee.

Dirty and wet, but with a genuine smile.

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